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powerful three-component heat pipe Solar water heater accessories

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  • Changzhou City of Jiangsu Province

  • Single Working Station

Main technical data:

1. Dimension: 186× 140× 41mm
2. Input voltage: 220V~240V AC or 100V~120V AC
3. Power: ≤ 5W
4. Accuracy of temperature measuring: ± 1
5. Range of temperature measuring: PT1000: 0~199 NTC 10K: 0~99
6. Input signals:
2 x PT1000 sensor temperature probe ≤ 500, silicon cable ≤ 280;
4 x NTC10K sensor temperature probe≤ 135, PVC cable ≤ 105
2 x NTC10K, 1 x Flow sensor (For Selection)
7. Output signals:
1 x Auxiliary heating output (Max. Load current: 12A)
4 x Relay output (Max. Load current: 3A)
1 x Adjustable output (Max. Load current: 1.5A)
8. TFT display
9. Communication port: 1 x RJ45
10. Range of environment temperature: -10~50
11. Water protection grade: IP40

Main functions:

1. Display clock and week
2. Temperature difference circulation
3. Storage tank overheating protection
4. Storage tank emergency cut-off
5. Frost protection of collector and pipeline
6. Adjustable of three time periods on Auxiliary heating
7. Holiday function
8. Anti-bacteria function
9. Connect directly with the computer, switch or router to a home network access
10. Web-based data configuration, heat calculating, look view history data, etc.

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