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  • Apr
    The scenery is good here

    The scenery is good hereAfter the Chinese New Year, the three seasons of Golden, Silver and Silver purchases are approaching. The delivery of sunpower is busy. In April, shipments will exceed 18,000 units. On the 24th of the same day, they will be sent to 14 overseas containers, and foreign trade ex

  • Apr
    [Product News] Development of Flat Solar Collector Technology and  Application

    The solar collector technology includes plate type, vacuum tube type, trough type, heliostat type, fresnel type, and other types of heat collecting technology, in which theflat type is generally adopted by a low temperature heat collecting system. At present, more than 95% of solar collectors in the

  • Jan
    Solar Hot Water System Design In High-rise Buildings

    Solar energy, as the main content of renewable energy applications in buildings, has gained more and more people's recognition and attention. Due to the limited land resources, optimized design of solar hot water system for middle and high-rise residential buildings has become an urgent problem to b

  • Jan
    The development of solar energy utilization technologies

    (1)The development of solar energy utilization technologies Due to increasing human demand for energy, the growing shortage of conventional energy sources, rising oil prices, global warming and environmental pressures, all countries in the world have shifted their strategic focus to renewable energy

  • Jan
    [Industry Trends] Design of solar heating system in typical village and town house in cold area

    The effective utilization of solar energy in villages and towns is closely related to the climatic zone and the architectural form. In this paper, the index of solar energy resources division (solar radiation 4200 ~ 5400MJ / (m2 · a), is a typical cold and climatic area of Shenyang City, under the


Jiangsu Sunpower Solar Technology Co., Ltd is an integrated enterprise professional working on solar collector product development, production and sales, is an important manufacturing base for exports solar water heaters in China.There is no water in tube, no filthy, anti-freeze, unlimited time of putting water and pressure operation, even there is facer tube broken, and the whole system still can work.

> 900L solar hot water for family use

The main panel and V panel is welded with 4.0mm/5.0mm low carbon steel wire.Airport fence with concertina razor wire

> height above sea level 3000meter

The main panel and V panel is welded with 4.0mm/5.0mm low carbon steel wire.Airport fence with concertina razor wire

> Family collection hot water supply

The main panel and V panel is welded with 4.0mm/5.0mm low carbon steel wire.Airport fence with concertina razor wire

  • Q What is a Flat Plate Solar Collector?

    A Flat plate solar thermal collector is suitable for residential or commercial solar water heating projects.  
    While the basic flat plate design has been around for a long time, and is the most widely used type of solar thermal panel for domestic hot water supply, not all collectors are designed and made alike.
    Choice of material and design aspects can greatly affect not only the solar thermal performance but also the reliability when operating in many varied environmental conditions. Sunpower has chosen only the highest quality materials to ensure reliable, efficient operation and collector longevity.  
    The diagram below shows the basic construction of the collector.

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