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    Jiangsu SunPower Solar Technology CO, Ltd is a solar water heater, heat pipe & flat plate solar collector and relative products manufacturer established in 2004.
   Based on its long experience in exporting, Sunpower has already formed different products for different markets and its warranty terms. Meanwhile, Sunpower is also holding various certificates (SABS, SOLAR KEYMARK EN 12975/EN 12976, SRCC, AS/NZS 2712 and Korean certificate) of prestigious international certification organizations to provide customers with trust and confidence. We are the vice-chairmen member of China Solar thermal utilization flat plate collector committee. Holding 154 patents with 19 invention patent, we are chief drafter of heat pipe secondary loop collector system and China flat plate collector national standard.

   SUNPOWER, your best partner in your life. With SUNPOWER, we together build a green world.

Solar Water Heater

Pre-Heating Solar Water Heater with coil

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