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Maintenance of residential solar water heater

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Residential solar water heaters are widely used because of their convenience, but they are consumed when used. If the residential solar water heaters are damaged for a long time, you may need to know some knowledge about the maintenance of residential solar water heaters.

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Advantages of residential solar water heaters

Working principle

Residential solar water heater maintenance



Advantages of residential solar water heaters

Energy saving and environmental protection

The overall working cycle system of residential solar water heaters is a natural circulation, so under the conditions of sufficient sunlight, zero energy consumption provides hot water to users.


Good insulation effect

The flowing water does not pass through the flat plate collector heat exchange tube, the heat collector and the water tank are heat exchange type work, and the heat exchange is a one-way heat exchange, so the heat in the water tank is not lost from the heat collector.


Split installation

The collectors of residential solar water heaters are installed separately from the water tanks. The collectors are installed outside the balcony. The water tanks make full use of the outdoor space of the balcony, so that users of high-rise buildings can also install solar water heating systems.


Pressure running

The residential solar water heater water circulation system is a pressure-bearing system. The water pressure is stable, it can maintain constant temperature and constant pressure, the flushing effect is good, and the bath is more comfortable.


Working principle

The sunlight passes through the first layer of glass of the heat absorbing tube to the black heat absorbing layer of the second layer of glass, and absorbs the heat of the solar energy. Since the two layers of glass are vacuum insulated, the heat transfer is greatly reduced. Most of the heat can only be transferred to the water inside the glass tube, so that the water in the glass tube is heated, and the heated water is gently moved up the heating surface of the glass tube to enter the heat storage bucket. The back surface of the glass tube is filled into the glass tube to be replenished, so that the water in the insulated water storage bucket is continuously heated, thereby achieving the purpose of hot water.



Residential solar water heater maintenance

Step 1 - Identify the problem

First of all, if you want to repair a residential solar water heater, you must know what kind of problems the solar water heater has to solve the problem. Possible problem: The water is not hot enough, the water is not enough or the outdoor water is running.


Step 2 - Determine the cause of the problem

The type of failure of water is not likely due to obstacles in front of the water heater, and the sunlight is not long enough. Or the water and sewage valve are not tightly closed, the hot water in the water tank is completely used up without the basic water temperature, and the water consumption in the home is very large, which is affected by bad weather.


The problem with no way to fill the water is probably due to insufficient tap water, water and sewer pipes, or some internal or external plumbing fittings.


The problem with outdoor tap water. Water is often everywhere and water is not enough. This can happen if the vacuum tube leaks or the water supply line is disconnected.


Step 3 - Solution

For the problem that the water is not hot enough. Replace the large capacity water heater or install an electric heating system. And pay attention to the weather conditions, pay attention to the water supply of the water heater, try not to use when the weather is not good. Remove objects that block light or move solar energy, replace the water ball valve, clean the vacuum tube, and wipe the surface of the vacuum tube and polycrystalline grid.


For the problem of dissatisfaction with water. First find the damaged pipe fittings and replace them with new, undamaged pipe fittings. A booster pump can also be added to keep the water flowing and ensure ample water supply. Or reconnect or replace the water supply pipe.


The problem with outdoor tap water. Connect the water supply pipe or replace the connection fitting or replace it with a new one.




Proper maintenance will not only restore your convenience, but also prevent the life of your home solar water heater from decreasing. Using the above method, you can try to check the water heater at home and try to repair it yourself. This will be a lot easier.


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