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What should be done to remove scale from vacuum tube solar water heater?

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After two or three years of use of the vacuum tube solar water heater, it is prone to generate a large amount of scale, which will affect the use of the water heater. If the scale is not cleaned, not only is the discharged water not clean, but the pipe may be clogged, causing the pipe to rupture. Maintaining scale over a long period of time will also reduce the life of the water heater, so cleaning scale is very important.


Scale cause

Vacuum tube solar water heater scale damage

Cleaning descaling

Descaling instructions



Scale cause

The water heater is used for general tap water. The water contains minerals such as NaCl, MgCl2 and CaCl2. In addition, there are soluble gases such as CO2 and O2, and NaClO disinfectant components. The content of tap water in different regions is different, but after heating, The process of cooling and recirculating heating causes the insoluble matter in the tap water to precipitate and form scale. The density of the scale is much higher than that of water. Over time, the scale in the inner wall of the water tank and the vacuum tube is formed and adheres to the inner wall, forming a Scale.


Vacuum tube solar water heater scale damage

Scale exists in many aspects of our life. Water heaters, electric heaters and other equipment that heat water are prone to scale. It is easy for everyone to take into account the scale, but the water heater is a large water storage equipment, scale generation and damage Attention to our attention.


1. Scale affects heating efficiency. Thicker scale accumulation will directly lead to an increase in heating time and reduce the efficiency of water heater use. If the weather is not good, using electric auxiliary heating will also lead to an increase in electricity consumption;

2. The accumulation of scale causes the water temperature to rise slowly, affecting the highest temperature of hot water in the water heater and reducing the comfort of use;

3. The accumulation of scale easily leads to blockage of the connection between the upper and lower water pipes and the water tank, and the water supply is not smooth, which affects the ease of use;

4. The accumulation of scale affects the quality of hot water, and is sensitive to some skin and may even damage the skin;

5. Scale accumulation affects the heat dissipation performance of the vacuum tube, and the most serious will cause the vacuum tube to blast due to heat dissipation, which jeopardizes safety;

6. Scale is not regularly cleaned and removed, affecting the service life of vacuum tube solar water heaters, and the introduction increases the cost of bathing for consumers.


Cleaning descaling

Understand the hazards of vacuum tube solar water heater scale, cultivate the awareness of daily maintenance and descaling. Not only beneficial to consumers, but also a good way to extend the life of solar energy.


1. The solar water inlet is opened and poured into the descaling liquid, and the dosage depends on the capacity of the vacuum tube solar water heater;

2. Pour the descaling solution and let the water heater naturally circulate for about half an hour, so that the descaling liquid evenly contacts all parts of the water heater;

3. Open the drain port and drain the descaling solution. After the water tank is filled again, the water is circulated once. Pull the vacuum tube out. .

4. The initial cleaning of the vacuum tube scale is poured out;

5. The vacuum tube is cleaned and descaled separately;

6. Descaling liquid containing scale in the vacuum tube;

7. Wash the vacuum tube several times to perform descaling;

8. After descaling, install the vacuum tube and adjust the system. Add water and water to rinse, and the cleaning is finished.


Descaling instructions

1. It is best to use the water in the water heater the night before, and clean it the next morning, which will not cause a large amount of heat in the vacuum tube;

2. The descaling agent is preferably descaled by using a dilute hydrochloric acid liquid;

3. Take care to put gloves on the cleaning process to prevent the vacuum tube from suddenly smashing and scratching your hands or burns;

4. After the cleaning is completed, test the water in the system to ensure that the cleaning is completed after no problem.



Don't neglect the presence of scale. After accumulating the scale for too long, it will reduce the efficiency, which will directly lead to an increase in heating time. If you want to remove the scale, you must pay attention to safety, do as required, solve this problem correctly and safely.


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