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Low Pressure Solar Water Heater Series

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Low Pressure Solar Water Heater Features:

1.18 vacuum collector tubes absorb 99.99% from environment.

2.Stainless steel tank outside and inside with 55 mm of thermal isolating material to keep the heat with a capacity of 139 liters.

3.Structural supporting marks and stainless steel reflectors.

low pressure solar water heater

Low Pressure Solar Water Heater Package:

The solar system consists in 4 boxes with the following components

Box 1: Stainless steel mark

Box 2: Stainless steel tank

Box 3: Stainless steel sun reflectors

Box 4: vacuum tubes

Low Pressure Solar Water Heater Installation guidelines:

Box 1: Mark: Split the components for size order. There are right side and left side components

The components 1 have to be orientated with the 7 holes looking inside of the mark (to install the sun reflectors).








Bar of 147 cm



Bar of 136 cm



Bar of 72 cm



Base to fix the tubes



Base for the mark



Plastic base to fix the tubes



Tank supports






Bar of 69 cm



Black rings



Bar of 103 cm



Bolts and nuts




Step 1: assembly the mark

A: Assembly component number 3 with the components number 1 and 2


B: Assembly component number 4 with components number 1 and 2




C: Assembly components number 5 and 6 with the components 1 and 2



D: Assembly components 7 and components 2



E: Assembly component 8 and components 1


Step 2. Install the reflecting components


Use bolts sort 3

Step 3. Install the tanks into their supports


Step 4. Position of the system

Be sure that all the bolts are tightened and the system is totally rigid. Now you can orient the system. The best direction is south. Avoid shadows on the system.

The system requires a solid base, because the system weight is 170 Kg when it’s full of water. Be sure that the system is horizontal. Fix the 4 bases of the system

Step 5. Collecting tubes installation

Take a tube out of the box carefully

Take out the tube approx 20 cm. Apply the liquid concentrated soap on the top of the tube (10 cm approx) and into the white hole into the tank


Insert carefully the tube into the hole of the tank and turn slowly in the watch direction, until the tube gets inside, approx 5 cm and introduce it turning into watch opposite direction until it gets strongly fixed into its base.

Move the black component to seal the tube with the tank

Put some Teflon at the tube where the hot water goes out (downside of the tank) and install the spherical key

Introduce water into the tank to check if it doesn’t escape. Then fill it until ¾ of the total.

If the system is empty and the sun warms it for more than 30 minutes, don’t fill it because the cold water could break the tubes because of the drastic temperature change. Wait until night to fill it.

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