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The application of Flat plate solar collector in constructions

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Flat plate solar collector is widely used due to its safety and reliable quality, long life span, free- maintenance and pressurized system. It is widely used in high-end customer groups. With the further development of urbanization, flat plate collector will be the main part of future city application. It will be the first choice for small high-rise residential and even high-rise buildings.

According to the different type of residential construction, flat plate can appear different system form to combine with the buildings tactfully. The collector can be placed on the roof, south facades or the different areas of the balcony.

1. Flat plate balcony wall-mounted solar collector system.

   For high-rise buildings or small high-rise residential, the solar system can be mounted in the south balcony or facades to produce domestic water. Each door has its own system and can be managed conveniently.

2. Villa split type flat plate solar system.

    This flat plate solar system is suitable for villa buildings, garden house and some top users. In this situation, there is more space to install flat plate collector. It also can be combined with traditional energy to implement more functions.

3. Centralized collecting-----household solar heat storage system.

    The special point of this solar heat system is that unified installation, less collecting circulation loop,small volume of tank and small usage of public areas. The hot water supply system is divided into each house. Water storage and auxiliary heating are indoors. It reduces auxiliary system, the operating cost of water supply system.

4. Centralized collecting------- centralized solar heat storage system

    This solar collector system refers that all the solar heating system, water tank and auxiliary parts are all mounted integrated. The collected heat will be divided into each water terminal.

5.  Centralized collecting------ separate household supply------end-auxiliary-heating solar water heater system

    Centralizing management of collectors and water tanks. The heat will be divided into each water terminal where there will be an auxiliary heating equipment. 


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