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How to install a solar water heater

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How to install components of solar water heater

Installation of frame

combine the assistant pole and reflector with bolt. Pay more attention to distinguish left bracket and right bracket, connect bracket and assistant pole, then install the side bar, assistant bar, level bar and crossbar step by step. It would be better to install the cousin.

Installation of the tank

insert the connector bolt under the tank into the bracket hole then screw the nut. (don’t screw the nut temporily, after installing the vacuum tubes, then screw the nuts)

Installation of the vacuum tubes

Circle the tube with the anti-dust circle at about 10cm from the open end counted dip the open end of the tube into the suds, insert tube into the silicate circle of the tank slowly and reeling(don’t reeling if there is heat pipe and aluminium fin inside), then pull the tube into tail stock of tail box. After installing tubes, push the anti-dust circle up to seal the hole of the tank, then check and screw nuts tightly.

How to install different types of solar water heater

How to install a vacuum tube solar water heater

  1. Take out the bracket, connect the barrel bracket and the bracing part with screw, then connect the back bracing part, the back inclined plane, the side bracket surface and other fixed bracing bars, and finally connect the tube bracket and four feet.

2.Place the bracket in the installation position, and the foot position of the bracket should be lower than the horizontal position of the bracket foot.

3.Place the water tank on the bracket, remove the bottom nut, slide the bottom screw of the barrel into the reserved slot of the barrel bracket, and tighten the nuts which are just removed, but do not tighten them.

4.Take out the vacuum collector tube, apply a small amount of lubricant at the opening of the tube, put the dust-proof ring on it, then push it into the hole of the water tank, then slightly fall it back to the pipe bracket, push the joint of the dust-proof ring down along the hole of the barrel, and then install all collector tube brackets in turn.

5.Tighten all the screws and connect the pipes.

6.Connect the indoor water pipes.

How to install a flat plate solar water heater

1. The product components should be checked before installation, the specifications and models of solar water heater should be checked according to the specification model, and whether the fittings are complete, and the site should be cleaned up and lined.

2. For the installation of flat-plate collectors, flat-plate collectors are widely used. The installation of the collectors should be connected with frames. The optimum inclination angle of the installation of the collectors should be determined according to the season and the local latitude.

3. For the installation of solar water tank, when the solar water tank is installed, the water  should be supplied directly to the bottom of the water tank. The height of nozzle is generally 50-100 mm lower than the inlet of the upper circulating pipe. The upper circulating pipe is connected to the upper part of the water tank. Generally, the nozzle is 200 mm lower than the top of the water tank, and the lower circulating pipe is connected from the bottom of the water tank.

4. Installation of connecting pipes: In order to reduce the loss of circulating water, the length of upper and lower circulating pipes should be shortened as far as possible and the number of elbows should be reduced.


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