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How to clean main components of solar water heaters

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The solar water heaters are becoming common in our daily life, how to clean the solar water heater is the matter what we must consider now. After long time using of solar water heater, you will find the flow of cold water is normal, while the yield of hot water is small. This problem is mainly caused by the scale in your solar water heater. And this is the good time for you to clean the solar water heater. If you have no idea about cleaning the main components of solar water heaters, you can view this passage as a reference.

How to clean solar water heater tubes

If the solar water heater tubes are not washed for a long time, the working efficiency and value of the solar water heater will be greatly reduced, and there are also some potential safety hazards, such as pipe burst, water leakage and so on. This mainly caused by the scale in the tubes. Scale's thermal conductivity is very low, less than 1% of the metal. It adheres to the inner of the solar collector tube, which causes the heat absorbed by the collector tube can not be transferred to the water in time, resulting in excessive temperature and easy to explode the tube. If you want to clean the tubes, you should follow next 6 steps. Step 1: Carefully open the water intake of solar water heater, avoid letting impurities get into its interior. Step 2: Add appropriate amount of cleaning media into the storage tank. Step 3:Let the solar water heater has an automatic circulation for 25-35 minutes, so that all parts can be thoroughly cleaned. Step 4: Open the sinkhole, drain the cleaning fluid. Step 5: Fill the tank with water and recycle for two minutes. Step 6: Drain the circulating water inside.

How to clean solar water heater panels

Rainwater will keep the panels of solar water heaters clean in most cases. But sometimes, especially during hot and dusty dry periods, you need to clean it yourself. Before you start, you should review your user manual. If your solar water heater is on the roof, you’d better not climb to clean it unless you have equipment to ensure you safety and get enough proper safety training. We advice you connect your installer for maintenance and cleaning of roof-mounted panels. If your panel is easily accessible, you can clean it yourself. Usually a good flush can finish most of the work, but you can also use a soft cloth or brush to clean the panel. If they are particularly dirty, immerse the cleaning means into some warm soapy water or glass cleaning agent is also a good choice.

How to clean solar water heater tank

When the water is heated, the temperature of water will rise . The calcium and magnesium ions contained in water will form the scale at last. Generally, the newly installed solar water heater is about to clean after 5 years. To clean the tank, you should turn off the power to your solar water tank and confirm the current water temperature of is no more than 40 degrees. The close the hot water outlet and cold water intake. Once that is done, you can open the tank cover, salvage the scale and add 50 g citric acid into it. Thirty minutes later, open the water valve and let water flow into the tank, salvage the scale again. Use water cannon to rinse the tank before adding water again. After the tank is filled of water, remove the scale once more.


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