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Integrated lower pressure series

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balcony Galvanized Steel heat pipe solar water heater

  • SPB-47/900
  • 8419191000
High efficiency:
Uses super heater transmit heat pipe
Faster heater transmit and the start working temperature point is lower than others
Can work in lower temperature
Automatic control:
Can fix water temperature and at the same time protect from scald
The controller can input water automatically
Can save lot of time and energy
Easy to install:
Water tank and collector are separated
Can place the water tank inside and place the collector on the balcony or the house top
Can mix with house and around environment
24 hours hot water supply
Electronic or gas heating assistance and not effected by weather
Without interrupt:
Due to the heat pipe, even if the water tube was occasional broken, other parts can still work
Anti-freezing and -rust
No water in tube, can work in lower temperature and water will not flow from joints after longtime work

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