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Integrated lower pressure series

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Project Solar Water Heater (SPFP)

  • SPFP
  • Water Heater, Solar Thermal
  • 0.79
  • Srcc, Solar Keymark, CCC
  • 84191910
  • Flat Panel
  • Copper
  • accept OEM
  • China
Flat plate solar collector  solar system uses high efficient absorber with blue titanium coating   which imported from Germany . The special whole plate with ultrasonic welding technology makes the collector more beautiful, efficient and durable.

Product Specification

Model  SPFP -Cu/Cu-1
Absorber                            0.2mm copper sheet welded to grid by laser 
Frame size                         2000 x 1000 x 80MM
Package size                     2150*1025*115mm
Absorber area                   1915*915*0.2mm
net weight                         42±1KG
Absorption rate                  0.95-0.97
Transparent cover             3.2mm sheet of low-iron tempered glass
Casing                               1.5 mm aluminum-magnesium alloy
Insulation                          45mm back and 25mm lateral, glass wool
Main header                      2 copper units (22mm*0.8mm)
Secondary header             8 copper units (10mm*0.6mm)
Back finishing and sealing 4 copper tubes (male)
Working pressure              10bar
Maximum working pressure  15bar
Bottom cover                     0.5mm galvanized steel

Order /Container load quantity  20GP/130pcs      40HQ/300pcs 

Project Solar Water Heater (SPFP)



Add:2969 Longcheng Rd. Xinbei District,Changzhou,Jiangsu,China

Person: Townway Zhang / Keyway
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