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Integrated lower pressure series

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Heat Pipe Solar Collector

  • SPA-58/1800-30-C
  • Separate Type
  • Copper
  • Collector
  • 0.714
  • Changzhou, Jiangsu
  • >200L
  • Pressurized
  • Glass Vacuum Tube
  • CE, ISO9001, CCC, En12975
  • EN12975, AS/NZS 2712
  • 84191910
Heat pipe solar collector with solar keymark certifications
SPA----stainless steel SUS 304 2B for the manifold
SPB----Aluminum alloy for the manifold
1. Borosilicate glass according to ISO3585:1991; transmittance of borosilicate glass:0.92.Absorbance of solar selective absorptive coating:0.94; Hemispherical emittance:0.08; Getter according to GB/T9505-1998.
2. Start-up temperature: no more than 25.
3. Start-up time: no longer than 2 minutes under normal sunshine.
4. Low temperature resistance: no breaks at -30.
5. Heat impact resistance: no damage after over 3 time's alternative impact of cold water below 25 and hot water over 90.
6. Pressure resistance: can withstand 0.6Mpa.
7. Hail resistance: no damage by the impact of 25mm diameter hail.
Collector Performance 0.714
Optimal flow rate 0.1L/min/tube-0.026G/min/tube
Max. Test pressure 9bar
Outer copper tube diameter 22mm
Inner copper tube diameter 20mm
Insulation 140kg/m3 mineral wood
Max. Test pressure 9bar
Optimal installation angle 30-70°vertical, O° horizontal



Add:2969 Longcheng Rd. Xinbei District,Changzhou,Jiangsu,China

Person: Townway Zhang / Keyway
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