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Integrated lower pressure series

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Flat Plate Solar Product (SPFP -G / 0.6- AL / ZGL-1)

This Flat plate solar collector can be used in all places.

  • SPFP
  • Sunpower solar
  • SPFP
  • Solar Keymark
  • Changzhou, Jiangsu
  • Flat-plate
  • OEM
  • 84191910
Model SPFP-G/0.6- AL/THG-1
Order/Container Sample 20GP/95PC 40HQ/240PC
Price/USD 143 136 121
Outline area 1.88square
Aperture area 1.82square
Absorption area 1.75square
Dimensions 1000*2000*70
NW 22/23kg
Capacity of cooper pipe 1.7L
Transparent cover Ordinary fabric surface tempered glass
Aperture rate ≥ 91%
Thickness transparent cover 3.6mm
Absorber Black Chrome
Thickness of Frame aluminum 0.35mm(915*120)
Heat absorption rate 91± 2%

Emission rate 9± 2%
Welding technics between copper pipe and absorber laser welding from Bluetec
(spot welding double pitch 4mm)
Head tubes Φ 22*1
Riser tubes Grid typeΦ 10*1
Insulation materials Phenolic foam
Insulation thickness 20mm
Alloy frame material Aluminum-magnesium(thickness 1mm)
Frame color black, bronze, silver and white
Backplate materials Rust embossed aluminum
Backplate thickness 0.3mm
Sealing material EPDM
Heat Medium Pure water or glycol medium
Testing pressure of inner circulating 1.2 Mpa
Working pressure of inner circulating 0.6Mpa
Operation temperature 170degree



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