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Flat Panel Solar Collector

Model: SPFP-ALONAD/0.6-AL/CU-80
Dimensions: 2000*1000*80
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  • China

  • ISO9001

  • 8419191000

Flat Panel Solar Collector
Material Copper and aluminum complex solar collector Copper and aluminum complex solar collector
Outer treatment Blue titanium sputtering Black chrome
ConStructure Pipe-sheet Pipe-sheet
Flat plate weight 5.7± 0.1KG 5.3± 0.1KG
Absorption rate 0.95-0.97 0.93-0.95
Emission rate 0.03-0.05 0.05-0.07
Frame size 2000 x 1000 x 76MM 2000 x 1000 x 76MM
Frame material thickness 0.85mm 0.85mm
Gross Area(m2) 2.12 m2 2.12 m2
Lighting Area(m2) 2 m2 2 m2
Absorber area(m2) 1.83 m2 1.83 m2
Cover sheet 1 1
Cover sheet material toughened glass toughened glass
Cover sheet thickness 3.2mm 3.2mm
Light Transmittance 93% 91%
Bottom cover 0.30mm 0.30mm
Insulation 50mm glass wool 50mm glass wool
Maximum working pressure 0.6MPa
Weight 34kg
Warranty 7 Years

Testing Standard GB/T 6424-1997 flat plate solar collector technical specification
Testing tools Solar heating system solar thermal capacity temperature testing system, electromagnetism flow meter, total radiant meter, high quality dynamic wind speed sensor, steel tape, extraventricular thermometer.
Testing factor Heat Capacity
Testing Conclusion According to test, this solar collector heatcapacity is Good. According to lighting area, input temperature Instanteneous Efficiency Curve is η A =0.748-4.580Ti *
Technic Specification FR (τ . α ) not lower than 0.68 FR. UL not higher than 6.0W/ ( m 2. C) Among them FR: Heat Transfer Factor (< 1), τ : Solar Penetration rate of transparent cover UL: : Total heat loss rate; α : Absorption rate of absorber
Testing Result FR (τ . α ) =0.75; FR. UL =4.6; Instanteneous Efficiency Curve as below

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