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What is the cost-effectiveness of commercial solar water heaters?

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In the use of commercial solar water heaters, everyone should be concerned about the cost, after all, the cost is related to the later profits. So what is the cost-effectiveness of commercial solar water heaters? We can analyze it in the following article.


What is a commercial solar water heater?

Determination of energy efficiency of solar water heaters

Calculate annual operating costs



What is a commercial solar water heater?

In residential systems, the demand for hot water is low, limiting the size of the system. Commercial solar systems are different. The amount of heat used in most commercial applications is usually very large, so you won't have the problem of dumping heat. It is likely that only 20% to 60% of the hot water will be supplied by the solar company. This means that the system works very efficiently and is using 100% solar heat. These systems work in much the same way as residential systems, but on a larger scale.


It's like buying a machine for your business. In order to maximize the revenue you get from these devices, you want it to work all the time possible. If it only works for a few hours a day, then it doesn't make much sense to buy it. The same is true for solar energy - in commercial solar applications, your heat demand is usually so great that solar energy will provide you with free calories from morning to night. Like any device, a commercial solar water heater is an asset that can be written off.


Determination of energy efficiency of solar water heaters

The solar energy efficiency of the solar water heater is determined using the solar energy coefficient (Sef) and the solar fraction (Sf). The solar coefficient is defined as the energy provided by the system divided by the energy or gas energy of the input system. The greater the quantity, the higher the energy efficiency. The solar coefficient ranges from 1.0 to 11. Systems with a solar coefficient of 2 or 3 are the most common.


Another performance indicator for solar water heaters is the solar portion. The solar portion is part of the total conventional hot water heating load (delivered energy and tank spare loss). The higher the solar energy content, the greater the contribution of solar energy to hot water heating, thereby reducing the energy required for the backup water heater. The sun scores range from 0 to 1.0. A typical solar factor is 0.5 to 0.75.


Don't choose a solar hot water system based solely on energy efficiency. When choosing a solar water heater, also consider the size and total cost.


Calculate annual operating costs

Before purchasing a solar hot water system, estimate the annual operating costs and compare several systems. This will help you determine energy savings and invest in a more energy efficient system with a payback period, which may have a higher purchase price. Before you can choose and compare the costs of various systems, you need to know the system size your family needs. To estimate the annual operating costs of a solar hot water system, you need the following:


System Solar Energy (SEF): Auxiliary tank fuel type (gas or electricity) and cost (local utilities can provide current rates). Then, use the following calculation.


Equipped with a gas-assisted storage tank system: you need to know the unit cost of fuel for Btu (British thermal units) or heat. (1 therm=100 000 Btu)


365×41,045×SEF×fuel cost (Btu)=estimated annual operating expenses or 365×0.4105×0.4105×SEF×fuel cost=estimated annual operating cost


For example: assuming a standard economic index of 1.1 and a natural gas price of $1.10 per hot


365 × 0.4105 times 1.1 × 1.10 = 149.83 US dollars


The daily energy consumption in the above formula is calculated according to the DOE hot water heater test procedure. The procedure assumes that the hot water temperature is 58 °F, the hot water temperature is 135 °F, and the total hot water production is 64.3 gallons/day. The average usage of three-person households.



Commercial solar water heaters are a good investment for companies that use hot water or industrial heating. Savings and returns can be very profitable. In some places, the government also helps companies invest in commercial solar water heaters because they are also looking at the prospects for solar energy development. But in fact, if the government does not have any incentives, most companies will use solar energy, because commercial solar water heaters can provide excellent returns!


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