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What is the best residential solar hot water heater?

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We all know that residential solar water heatersare the first choice for home investment, but you know what the best residential solar hot water heater?



  • What is a residential solar water heater?

  • How to choose a residential solar water heater?

  • Summary

What is a residential solar water heater?

Residential solar water heater systems use solar energy to heat water for use in homes, commercial buildings and swimming pools. While some solar collectors look like solar panels, they are quite different. The solar thermal panel does not generate electricity, but only absorbs the heat of the sun. Residential solar water heater systems are proven and reliable technologies that have been in use since the 1970s.

The residential solar water heater system is extremely durable, with a 10-year warranty and can run for more than 20 years. The average life expectancy of a qualified residential solar water heater is 20 years, much longer than a standard gas or storage water heater.

Residential solar water heater systems require annual maintenance and the system requires some modest annual maintenance to ensure efficient operation. A qualified contractor can   perform annual maintenance inspections of residential solar water heaters.

Residential solar water heater systems can reduce hot water costs by 50%-80%.

Residential solar water heaters are suitable for residential or commercial buildings that consume large amounts of hot water or use electric water heaters or oil water heaters.

Residential solar water heater systems can reduce carbon emissions by 50% or more.

Residential solar water heaters can reduce the load on domestic electric water heaters by nearly 2,500 kWh per year.

A residential solar water heater can prevent 4,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere each year, which is equivalent to not driving for four months a year.


How to choose a residential solar water heater?

You need to do some research and shopping to find the right product for your needs. Before choosing a solar water heater, you need to consider your lifestyle, climate zone, budget and environmental impact goals.

Here are four important questions to answer before shopping:

1. How much hot water do you need to produce? Lifestyle has a major impact on the effectiveness of your home solar water heater. If you have a large family and a huge demand for hot water, especially during the day, an active system with a larger collector may meet the needs of your family.

2. Where do you live? Most systems are configured based on the expected output of hot water for a particular climate. In sunny, warm areas, a relatively small system can produce large amounts of hot water. In colder regions, larger collectors will be needed and residential solar water heaters with active systems may be needed to meet the hot water needs of the home.

3. What is your budget? Solar heating domestic water is not necessarily very expensive. Compared to photovoltaic arrays, residential solar water heaters have a faster return on investment and lower prices. With just a few hundred dollars, you can build your own batch system, and even a warm climate system that is commercially manufactured is very affordable.

4. How green do you want to go? If you plan to buy a residential solar water heater, the benefits will be many, but the common goal is to reduce the overall demand for carbon-based fuels such as coal or natural gas.



There are so many advantages in residential solar water heaters. Before you buy a product, please do a full research about residential solar water heaters. If you want to buy a cost-effective, safe and reliable residential solar water heater, the Jiangsu Sunpower Solar Technology company has the perfect product.


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