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  • 07-24
    Two heating systems for solar energy in swimming pool water

    Two heating systems for solar energy in swimming pool waterThe heating of the pool water by the solar energy can be divided into a direct heating system and an indirect heating system according to the heat transfer type, the direct system is also called a primary circulation system, and the indirect Read More »

  • 04-02
    Development of Flat Solar Collector Technology and  Application

    The solar collector technology includes plate type, vacuum tube type, trough type, heliostat type, fresnel type, and other types of heat collecting technology, in which theflat type is generally adopted by a low temperature heat collecting system. At present, more than 95% of solar collectors in the Read More »

  • 04-17
    The Application of Flat Plate Solar Collector in Constructions

    The flat plate solar collector will become more and more widespread. The flat plate solar collector can be applicable to a variety of building structures and it has many different types. Read More »

  • 03-24
    Application of Heat Pipe Solar Collector

    Solar water heating system is widely used in our daily life nowadays. The advantages of heat pipe solar water heater.This solar collector is with simple structure. It is more efficient than other solar collectors in producing hot water. Vacuum tubes are can be arranged crowded together which can Read More »

  • 02-15
    Active system solar water heaters s and Passive systems solar water heaters

    There are two basic types of Solar Water Heaters: Passive Solar Water Heaters (for warm climates) & Active Solar Water Heaters (for moderate and cold climates). Active systems utilize a circulating pump and some type of temperature control. Passive systems do not have any moving parts and rely on the basic principle of physics - that hot water rises & cold water falls. Read More »

  • 02-10
    what is Flat Plate Solar Collector ?

    Backed by over 10 years of expertise SUN POWER ™ has fine-tuned the design and manufacture of Flat Plate Solar Collector to an art. Collectors are assembled using the highest quality materials and advanced techniques, which result in highly efficient, durable products you can depend on for years Read More »



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