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The types of commercial solar water heaters

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Commercial Solar water heater is convenient, environmentally friendly and safe, and is welcomed by people. There are many kinds of solar water heaters. At present, solar water heaters can be classified as follows.

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l  What is the characteristic of conventional solar energy?How to make a choice?

l  What are the classifications of solar water heaters?


What is the characteristic of conventional solar energy?How to make a choice?

Compared with conventional solar energy, it has several characteristics:

1. Security

Not affected by bad weather, avoid the risk of falling objects at high altitude, install and repair for internal disassembly, maximize the safety of life and property.

2. Beauty

As building construction and windows, balcony balcony balcony, balcony balcony balcony, roof perfect combination, truly achieve integration with the building.

3. Long life

Revolutionary innovation of collector materials, 90 degree vertical installation, collector efficiency over 20% of the national test standards, sunshine heat absorption has not decayed for a hundred years, can be the same life as buildings, long-term high temperature air drying efficiency is still not decayed.

4. Cost of use

As a building component to replace the original building structure, saving construction costs; and the same life of the building, a single investment, life-long enjoyment.


l  Look at the vacuum tube of commercial solar water heaters

Currently, there are two types of vacuum tubes on the market, one of which is manufactured using a graded film process. The other is manufactured by the internationally leading patented interference film technology, which is a waterless vacuum tube, which is heated by a heat transfer medium. At present, some large enterprises have produced anhydrous solar energy. This kind of solar energy does not produce stagnant water, and it does not produce nitrite. The water temperature can reach 99 degrees. The latter is a substitute for the former, with "high temperature resistance, high cold resistance, and more Efficient and other features.


l  Look at the insulation layer of commercial solar water heaters

The insulation layer of the commercial solar water heater is the part between the outer skin of the water tank and the inner tank. The performance of the thermal insulation layer directly affects the actual amount of hot water available for the solar energy. The good water heater adopts imported high-quality polyurethane, which has low thermal conductivity, high strength, good elasticity, low temperature resistance, easy forming and good heat insulation effect. The cell is evenly distributed, the thermal conductivity is low, and the thermal insulation effect is the best.


l  Look at the liner of commercial solar water heaters

The tank liner of commercial solar water heaters has been working in hot water for a long time, and the liner should have sufficient strength and durability. The good water heater brand adopts the imported thickened SUS304 stainless steel, and the inner tank treated by the automatic argon arc welding equipment with high temperature resistance not only has obvious corrosion resistance, but also has stable and stable working performance and long service life under high temperature conditions.


What are the classifications of solar water heaters?

From the structure, it can be divided into ordinary commercial solar water heater and split commercial solar water heater.

The common commercial solar water heater is to insert the vacuum glass tube directly into the water tank, and use the circulation of heated water to raise the water temperature in the water tank. This is the most conventional water heater used by manufacturers at present. Generally, this kind of water heater can only be used on the top floor of the house, but the area of the roof is limited.

Separate commercial solar water heaters were born to solve the problem that solar water heaters are not available to top users. There are two circulation modes of the split commercial solar water heater: one is the natural circulation of water, the heat exchange efficiency of this water heater is very low, far from meeting the requirements of water use; the other is the heat exchange by pump circulation, which is also to solve the problem of low natural circulation efficiency, the use of pump circulation can significantly improve the heat of water. Exchange.

Commercial solar water heaters can be divided into pressurized commercial solar water heaters and non-pressurized commercial solar water heaters. The pressurized solar water heater is to use the pressurized water tank to circulate water through pressurization, which is more convenient to use. The pressurized solar water heater requires high sealing performance of the collector and the water tank. At present, the common solar water heaters installed on the roof are generally non-pressurized water heaters.

Its water tank has a pipe to communicate with the atmosphere. It uses the height difference between the roof and the home to produce pressure when using water. Its safety, cost and service life are much better than pressure type.According to the way of water flow, it can be divided into three types, i.e. sunning, direct current and circulating. The muggy solar water heater is a water heater which combines heat collection and storage. 

According to the different types of water storage, it can be divided into three types: shallow pool type, plastic bag type and cylinder type. Circulating all-glass vacuum collector solar water heater uses the high absorptivity and low emissivity of the vacuum collector to convert the absorbed solar radiation into heat energy, and uses the different density of hot and cold water to form a natural circulation of water in the vacuum tube, so that the water temperature gradually rises to a certain temperature. Circulating solar water heater can be divided into three types according to the power of circulation: natural circulation type, automatic circulation type with constant temperature and water discharge type and forced circulation type.


Commercial solar water heater as a clean and pollution-free heating method has been recognized by the public, and its problems have been accompanied by our use.For residential solar water heater  pressurized solar water is same applies .


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