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What are the types of vacuum tube solar water heaters?

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Vacuum tube solar water heater is composed of collector, water storage tank and bracket. The collector can directly convert solar energy into heat energy. The collector makes use of the working principle of floating, cooling and sinking of hot water to make water can microcirculation. Thus achieving the purpose of heating. It can be used for top water work, and the tank can be jacketed or coiled. At the same time it can also be divided into three categories. The following describes the working principle of these three types of vacuum tube solar water heaters.


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The vacuum tube solar water heater can be subdivided into an all-glass vacuum tube type, a heat tube vacuum tube type, a U-shaped tube vacuum tube type/vacuum tube collecting heat, and a heat storage integrated boring type. Commonly used is all-glass vacuum tube type, its advantages: safety, energy saving, environmental protection, and economy. In particular, the solar water heater with auxiliary electric heating function is mainly based on solar energy. And the energy utilization mode supplemented by the electric energy enables the solar water heater to operate normally all the time throughout the year. And the efficiency is still relatively high when the ambient temperature is low. The disadvantage is that the volume is relatively large. The glass tube is fragile. The scale is easily accumulated in the tube. And the pressure cannot be operated.


The working principle of each water heater

1. The all-glass vacuum tube solar water heater is a heating device that converts solar energy into heat energy. And heats the water from low temperature to high temperature to meet the hot water use of people in life and production. It is composed of heat collecting tubes, water storage tanks and brackets and other related parts. The conversion of solar energy into heat energy mainly depends on the vacuum heat collecting tube. The vacuum heat collecting tube uses the principle of hot water floating on the cold water to make the water generate micro-circulation to obtain the required heat water.

2. The heat pipe type vacuum tube solar water heater is mainly composed of heat pipe, heat absorbing plate, glass tube, metal end cover and getter. And the use is not restricted by the installation conditions. And can be installed and used for both the bungalow user and the high-rise building user. The glass and metal sealing technology is adopted to prevent the water from flowing inside the tube and in a completely vacuum state. And the copper-aluminum composite strip in the tube is connected with the water tank of the water heater to achieve the purpose of heat conduction. It is widely used and is not subject to installation conditions, both for bungalow users and high-rise building users. Gradually become the main brand of the solar industry.

3. The principle of the U-tube vacuum tube solar water heater is that the solar radiation passes through the glass envelope of the vacuum tube. And is projected onto the inner glass tube, and the glass inner tube is in close contact with the aluminum wing. The heat absorbed by the vacuum tube is transferred to the U-shaped copper tube in a large amount. And then exchanged to the working medium through the copper tube. So that the working medium is continuously heated, and the heat can further heat the water tank through the working medium. Since the working medium mainly flows in the U-shaped tube, it flows into the water tank through heat exchange.



The vacuum tube type solar water heater can divide into an all-glass vacuum tube type, a heat tube vacuum tube type, and a u-type tube vacuum tube type, and the most used one is the all-glass vacuum tube type. The vacuum tube solar water heater system is fully automatic and static operation, no need for special care, no noise, no pollution, no leakage, fire, poisoning, etc. It is safe and reliable, environmental protection and energy saving for the benefit of the country and the people. Good insulation performance and strong anti-freezing ability.


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