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What are the advantages of flat plate solar collectors?

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There are two types of solar collectors in the current market. Today we will discuss what is a flat plate solar collector. What advantages does it have to make it so popular in the market?


a.What are flat plate solar collectors

b.What are the external advantage

c.What are the potential advantage


What are flat plate solar collectors?

1. Definition

A flat plate solar collector is a device that absorbs solar radiation energy and transfers heat to the working medium. It is a special heat exchanger in which the working medium in the collector exchanges heat with a distant sun. The flat plate solar collector is mainly composed of a flat plate solar collector heat absorbing plate, a flat plate solar collector transparent cover plate, a flat plate solar collector heat insulating layer and a flat plate solar collector casing. Flat plate solar collectors are the basic components of solar low-temperature heat utilization and have been the leading products in the world solar market.


A flat plate solar collector is a metal box with a glass or plastic cover (called glazing) on top and a dark-colored absorbed plate on the bottom. The sides and bottom of the collector are usually insulated to minimize heat loss.


What are the external advantage?

1.Beautiful appearance

Compared to vacuum tube solar collectors, flat plate solar collectors look better, and more people can be attracted to the look.


2.Good pressure bearing performance

flat plate solar collectors have a higher pressure bearing capacity, generally about 0.6 MPa. The heat absorbing plate of the flat plate solar collectors adopts a metal material, and the connection between the heat collector and the water storage tank is also made of metal parts, so that it can withstand the pressure from the tap water and the circulation pump.


3.Suitable for building integration requirements

Due to the planar structural characteristics of the flat plate solar collector, it is not restricted by form or size during design, and the morphological structure is flexible and easy to realize the combination with the building components. In addition, its metal heat collecting plate provides great convenience for installation and maintenance: it can be installed in the south balcony, wall, awning, window wall, etc. The water tank can be installed next to the balcony, bathroom or air conditioner. Suitable for various architectural design requirements


What are the potential advantage?


1.High thermal efficiency.

A flat plate solar collector does not have a gap like a vacuum tube. It is a continuous plane that receives sunlight from the entire surface of the collector when illuminated by sunlight. Therefore, under the same floor space and sunshine intensity, the flat plate solar collector has a larger heat collecting area and higher efficiency, and the average daily efficiency of the flat plate solar collector heater is 6% higher than that of the vacuum tube.


2.Stable performance

The flat plate solar collector is connected to the collector and the system by metal, and the system stability is very good. The vacuum tube solar water heater uses rubber and plastic parts for connection, and the system is very unstable to use.


3.High security

Flat plate solar collectors, no worries, are the most safe products in all balcony wall-mounted solar water heaters. The heat collecting system is safe and reliable, and has no problems such as freezing blockage, scaling, and leakage.


The flat plate solar collector is composed of a heat absorbing core, a casing, a transparent cover, a heat insulating material and related components. It has been widely used in many fields such as domestic water heating, swimming pool heating, industrial water heating, building heating and air conditioning. Because the flat plate solar collector has a simple structure, convenient processing and easy scale production, it also has the characteristics of low manufacturing cost, low installation cost and long service life. So it is a good choice for buyers.


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