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Performance comparison between heat pipe collector and flat plate collector

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Solar energy is the most noticeable clean energy in new and renewable energy. It is conducive to energy conservation and environmental protection. It can be said that solar energy will be the mainstream of global energy in the future. Solar energy utilization technology is receiving more and more attention. Solar collector is the most important component of solar energy heat utilization, and its performance plays a decisive role in the success of the whole system. Solar collectors can be divided into many types according to their different properties. This paper mainly compares heat transfer efficiency between heat pipe solar collectors and flat plate collectors, so that you can make a better decision on choosing and purchasing heat pipe solar collectors.


Here are five aspects:

☀ Thermal conversion efficiency comparison

☀ Emissivity comparison

☀ Low temperature resistance comparison

☀ Comparison of ease of installation

☀ Conclusion


Thermal conversion efficiency comparison

Under the same sunshine, time, location and area, the absorption and conversion efficiency of vacuum tube of heat pipe solar collector is higher than that of flat panel solar energy.


❶ Because flat panel solar energy does not work in vacuum, while absorbing heat, it also continuously dissipates heat; the heat conversion efficiency is 69%, especially in winter when heat is most needed, flat panel collector has the largest heat dissipation.


❷ The vacuum solar collector of heat pipe solar collector works in double vacuum state. The heat absorbed is converted in time under vacuum state. The heat conversion efficiency is over 70%, especially in winter when heat is most needed.

Emissivity comparison

Compared with the two, the former has lower emissivity.


❶ Solar energy is irradiated in the same area, but flat panel solar collector reflects part of the sunlight because it is flat; flat panel emissivity is 9%.


❷ Vacuum tube has a small reflection ratio and the emissivity of heat pipe is 6%, so its efficiency is obviously higher than that of flat panel solar collector.


❸ The vacuum tube of heat pipe solar collector is a double vacuum working state, which absorbs sunlight and quickly takes away heat in vacuum. Plate solar only adds one or two layers of glass to the absorption layer. Glass and bracket are sealed with rubber strip, which has poor thermal insulation, large heat loss, low conversion efficiency and low thermal gain under the same conditions.

Low temperature resistance comparison

The low temperature resistance of the former is better than that of the latter.


❶ Heat pipe solar collector is a kind of solar collector. Its unique design structure ensures that the collector has high solar thermal conversion efficiency under the condition of domestic hot water. The collector tube absorbs and converts heat in vacuum. The tube maintains a vacuum of 10'pa and can withstand the ultra-low temperature of - 40 "C.


❷ Flat panel solar energy works in non-vacuum state, and can only resist freezing at 5C low temperature at most. If more than 5C can only use system evacuation or heat transfer with circulating medium, the system can be normal. If heat conducting oil is not used as heat transfer medium, the pipeline should be evacuated in winter. Otherwise, when the temperature is low, the pipeline will easily freeze and crack.

Comparison of ease of installation

In installation, heat pipe solar collector is more convenient than flat plate solar collector.


❶ When the heat pipe solar collector is installed, the collector and the vacuum tube are separated on the roof and can be operated freely.


❷ But flat panel solar collector is an integral part. It must be carried to the roof by crane or manpower, which is dangerous to some extent. If it is installed on balcony, flat panel solar collector needs to be installed at an inclination of more than 25 degrees to ensure its use in all seasons.


Above is the comparison of several major performances of two kinds of collectors. To this end, I have made the following conclusions:


❶ Solar thermal utilization is an important technology in building energy saving. High thermal conductivity, good isotherm, no moving parts in the condensation section and no destructive advantages make heat pipes have been widely used in solar water heaters.


❷ Solar collector is the core component of solar water heater. Flat-plate heat pipe solar collector and vacuum tube heat pipe solar collector are the hotspots of research at home and abroad. The development of these two heat pipe solar collectors technology has greatly promoted the development of solar water heater industry.


❸ The combination of heat pipe solar water heater with heat pump, air conditioning and other systems can further improve the performance and efficiency of the whole system.


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