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Non-Pressure Solar Water Heater Troubleshooting & Repair

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Solar water heater is a heating device which converts solar energy into heat energy. It heats water from low temperature to high temperature to satisfy people's use of hot water in life and production. Because of the long-term natural climate, failure is inevitable. As a kind of solar water heater, the non-pressure solar water heater is inevitable. So what are the common failures of this solar water heater? How is it repaired? Below is a brief analysis of the troubleshooting of the non-pressure solar water heater . I hope this article can give you a better understanding of the pressure-free solar water heaters .


The points are as follows:

✉ Common problems

✉ Find the reason

✉ The solutions of repairing non-pressure solar water heater

✉ Conclusion

Common Faults of non-pressure solar water heater

Following is a list of possible faults in the daily use of non-pressure solar water heaters , such as water leakage, buzzer silence, screen non-display and other faults. The following is a more detailed analysis of the faults:


⒈ Water leakage fault


⒉ Water thermal failure


⒊ Troubleshooting for Special Purpose


⒋ No screen display


⒌ Screen display disorderly, crash


⒍ Host ringing


⒎ The buzzer is silent


⒏ Temperature display "--", water level display, and display 20% and 100% at the same time.


⒐ Water supply is slow and not available.


⒑ Solar water leakage


Causes of failure

The following are the probable causes of failure of each type of pressure-free solar water heaters:


⑴ Water pipes are disconnected; some pipe fittings are broken indoors or outdoors


⑵ There is a shield in front of the water heater and the sunshine time is short.


⑶ Insufficient closure of upper and lower water valves

 Water quality is not good. Scale in vacuum tube reduces heat collection efficiency.

 Local air pollution is serious, and there is dust on the surface of vacuum tube, which affects heat collection.


⑷ After running for a period of time, the electric heater is not hot and may burn out due to the heating of the electric heater core.

 Tropical work can not prevent frost, it may be bad for selection of electric tropics.


⑸ No power supply, bad plug contact, control instrument damage


⑹ Voltage inconsistency

 Parameter adjustment and external disturbance


⑺ The controller is in a protective state

 Buzzer damage, circuit board failure


⑻ Back plug or bad contact of signal line plug

 Signal line breakage or sensor damage

 The controller was struck by lightning


⑼ Low water pressure for water supply

 Blockage of solenoid valve

 Break or damage of solenoid valve

 Fracture of Vacuum Tube

 Tap water shutdown


⑽ Water tank incorrect when sealing ring is damaged or installed


Overhaul Scheme of non-pressure solar water heater

There is an idiom called prescribing the right medicine. Next we will introduce the most important maintenance methods for each failure.


⑴ Repair or replace pipes and broken fittings. Specifically, please call the local after-sales service hotline.


⑵ Shield should be removed

 Close the upper and lower water valves

 Please scrub the vacuum tube.


⑶ In this case, please call the local after-sales service hotline.


⑷ Check power supply, reconnect, repair or replace


⑸ Check the Voltage of Municipal Electricity


⑹ Press the intelligent switch key to restore the factory settings, press the reset button when the machine crashes


⑺ Turn off the power, reboot later or press the reset button


 Maintenance or replacement of buzzers


⑻ Re-insert according to the red color mark

 Rewiring, Wiring Change, Sensor Replacement

 Replacement of Controller


⑼ Installation of Booster Pump

 Clean filter or solenoid valve

 Rewiring or replacing solenoid valves

 Replacement of vacuum tube

 Waiting for the resumption of water supply


⑽ Replacement of sealing ring or reinstallation to align water tank with vacuum tube


In summary, we briefly introduce some common faults of non-pressure solar water heater and their causes and solutions. Of course, in the process of installing and using solar energy in the future, there may be other different failures. If you encounter some difficult problems that can not be solved, please ask us in time. Finally, if you want to know more about solar water heaters such as pressure-free solar water heaters , please consult us, and we will be happy to answer for you.


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