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Maintenance of commercial solar water heater systems

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Commercial solar water heaters are used by most companies to obtain revenue, so commercial solar water heater systems require regular inspections and routine maintenance, and skills to maintain efficient operation will not hinder the acquisition of revenue. Some parts may need to be repaired or replaced due to prolonged weather conditions, and you should take steps to prevent scaling, corrosion, and freezing.

Main point

Application scenario

Maintenance required

Drainage precautions



Application scenario

 With the rising cost of traditional energy and the continuous deterioration of the environment, commercial solar water heaters are increasingly used in residential buildings, villas, hotels, tourist attractions, science parks, hospitals, schools, industrial plants, agricultural farming areas. In many fields, reasonable design and configuration of hot water use in different fields can  achieve comprehensive utilization of energy and reduce cost investment.


Maintenance required

l  Regular checklists: The following are some recommended checks for solar system components. You can read your owner's manual to get a recommended maintenance plan. Collector shading, collector dirt, collector glass and seals, piping, pipe and wire connections, pipe, pipe and wire insulation, roof penetration, support structure, pressure relief valves, dampers, pumps or blowers, heat transfer fluids, Storage System.


l  Anti-scale and anti-corrosion: Two major factors affecting the performance of a properly installed and installed solar water heating system.


l  Fouling: accumulation or fouling of mineral deposits. The accumulation of scale reduces the performance of the system in many ways. Fouling can also cause valve and pump failures in the drinking water circuit.You can avoid using water softeners or circulating mild acidic solutions (such as vinegar) through the collector or home hot water cycle every 3-5 years, or depending on the water conditions as needed. You may need to carefully clean the surface of the heat exchanger and use medium grain sandpaper.


l  corrosion

It is usually an electrolysis process in which galvanic corrosion is caused by the contact of two different metals. A metal has a stronger positive charge and pulls electrons out of another metal, causing one of the metals to be corroded.


l  Rusty

Such systems should have copper, bronze, brass, stainless steel, plastic, rubber parts in the pipe ring, and plastic or glass-lined storage tanks.


l  Cryoprotection

Commercial solar water heater systems that use liquids as heat transfer fluids need to prevent freezing in temperatures below 42 degrees Fahrenheit.


Drainage precautions

Commercial solar water heater systems that use only water as a heat transfer fluid are most susceptible to freezing damage. A "pull-down" or "drainage" system typically uses a controller to automatically drain the collector cycle. The sensors on the collector and tank tell the controller when to turn off the circulation pump, drain the collector circuit. And when to start the pump again.


Improper placement or use of low quality sensors can prevent them from detecting freezing conditions. The controller may not drain the system and expensive freezing may occur. Make sure the sensor is installed according to the manufacturer's recommendations. And check the controller at least once a year to make sure it is working properly.


In order to ensure complete drainage of the collector circuit. There should also be a way to prevent a vacuum from forming in the collector circuit when the liquid is discharged. A vent is usually installed at the highest point of the collector circuit. It is a good practice to isolate the vents so that they do not freeze. In addition, when the drain cycle is active, make sure that nothing prevents the airflow from entering the system.


Placing a large amount of insulating material around the unglazed portion of the collector. And covering the glass at night or on a cloudy day will help protect the collector from low temperatures. However, the water in the collector freezes during a very long cold weather. The supply and return conduits of the collector are also susceptible to freezing. Especially when they pass through an unheated space or exterior. This may happen even with good pipeline insulation. It is best to drain the entire system before freezing temperatures occur to avoid any possible freezing damage.



Some problems you can try to handle some inspection and maintenance tasks yourself. But others may require a qualified technician. But before you have any ideas, it's best to estimate the price first. Because sometimes it is more cost effective to replace, close or remove your commercial solar water heater than to repair it.


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