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How to use Sunpower solar energy in passive building energy-saving design

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Compared with active building energy-saving design, passive building energy-saving mode has low investment cost and low technical requirements. It is an efficient, low-consumption and low-pollution building design, and is one of the main ways for the future development of architectural design. . Passive building energy-saving design is to guide the application of renewable energy such as natural ventilation and solar energy through the architectural design, rational design in general plane, plane, planing surface and detailed power saving in the implementation process to effectively reduce building energy consumption. 

Solar energy utilization is widely used in building energy-saving design. The solar energy utilization and passive building energy-saving design in passive building energy-saving design are different. It is mainly based on rational structure, and the solar energy is directly utilized by clever structural design. In this process, low-tech, low-cost, low-consumption, and energy-saving and low-consumption buildings are realized. The following is a brief summary of how to use solar energy in passive building energy-saving design.

1. Utilizing solar energy through a direct benefit system

In the direct benefit system, solar energy is directly utilized by structures such as light guide plates and heat storage walls! Use a well-designed light guide to reflect more light into the room, allowing the building to better illuminate and heat. The heat storage wall is generally made of concrete and brick, which stores a large amount of solar energy during the day and releases the energy in the room at night to reduce the energy consumed by the winter heating.

2. Utilizing solar energy through a convective loop system

In order to form a convective loop system, the component maintenance part is first set as a double wall surface to form a closed air layer, and then the air layers of each part are connected into a circulation system to rely on the heat generated by solar radiation. The "hot siphon" effect creates a convection loop! In the convection loop type system, the air can be heated by the heat storage body, and then the indoor wall is heated by the air flowing in the convection circulation system to meet the temperature stability requirement of the indoor environment to achieve solar heating.

3. Utilizing solar energy through an additional daylight system

Additional daylight systems are generally built in the south of the building buffer, such as balconies, small halls, etc.! In the southward buffer zone such as the balcony, more transparent glass is set up to form a relatively transparent space, in which a certain amount of heat storage body is placed to absorb solar energy, part is used for storage, and some directly enters the room to improve the indoor environment. To provide more comfortable conditions for people to live.



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