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How to make a vacuum tube solar water heater?

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The vacuum tube solar water heater uses glass and metal sealing technology to prevent water from flowing inside the tube and is in a completely vacuum state. The copper-aluminum composite strip inside the tube is connected with the water heater water tank to achieve the purpose of heat conduction, and is widely used, and is not limited by the installation conditions. They can be used for both flat and high-rise buildings. It can also meet the requirements of energy saving, environmental protection, safety and economy. Then everyone must be very curious how to DIY a vacuum tube solar water heater, then we will introduce it.


This is the content table of the article:

  1. Learn how it works

  2. Production method and process

  3. How to use wood chips as a bracket for water heaters

  4. Conclusion


Learn how it works

The vacuum tube type solar water heater is composed of a heat collecting tube, a water storage tank and a bracket. The heat collecting tube can directly convert the solar energy into heat energy, and the heat collecting tube utilizes the working principle of the hot water floating on the cold water sinking, so that the water can microcirculation, so that the purpose of heating is achieved. The vacuum tube type solar water heater can implement the top water working mode, and the water tank can adopt the jacket or the coil method. The characteristic is that the water temperature is first high and then lowered during the use of the solar water heater, and all the water temperatures are relatively easy to control.


Production method and process

1. Make a bracket with wood chips

2. Bend the cardboard and stick it on the bracket with white glue.

3. Apply tin foil to the cardboard with white glue.

4. Adjust the angle of the cardboard and tin foil to make it concave

5. Saw two sections and glass tubes of the same length as the bracket. Glue in the middle of the bracket.

6. Install a pole that adjusts the concave arc angle behind the bracket and cardboard. Fill the glass tube with water, place it on the bracket, and adjust the angle of the concave arc so that the glass tube is in the focus of reflecting the sunlight on the reflector.

7. Pay attention to the last step to adjust the angle of the concave arc. Only the reflection focus of the sunlight can be seen on the glass tube.


How to use wood chips as a bracket for water heaters?

DIY vacuum tube type solar water heater bracket tools: wood, saw blade, sandpaper, pencil, measuring ruler, glue.

First use a measuring ruler to measure the size of the bracket you need to make and the length of each strip.

Then measure the length and width with a ruler and mark it with a pencil.

Then use a saw blade to saw it according to where the pencil is marked, and then sand it with a fine sandpaper to smooth the surface.

Finally, the sawed wooden strips are glued together as needed, so that the support is completed.



Nowadays, solar water heaters have become very common. Vacuum tube solar water heaters are energy-saving, environmentally friendly, safe and economical. They can be installed in both bungalows and high-rise buildings. It is a good choice for everyone. Many people will also be interested in the principle and construction of some people. Some people even want to DIY a small water heater, so this article is believed to be very helpful.


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