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How to install vacuum tube solar collector?

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The vacuum tube type solar water heater is composed of a heat collecting tube, a water storage tank and a bracket. The heat collecting tube can directly convert the solar energy into heat energy. And the heat collecting tube utilizes the working principle of the hot water floating on the cold water sinking. So that the water can microcirculation, so that the purpose of heating is achieved. Whether in the cold winter or the hot summer, everyone will enjoy the time to use hot water. Moreover, the use of hot water in some ways is also good for our body. A vacuum tube solar water heater is an instrument for preparing hot water. It may be overlooked to install a vacuum tube solar collector. Only it is used to prepare hot water. Below we will analyze the installation of vacuum tube solar collectors.


Content list of this article:

l  Measuring in advance     

l  Choose the right kit    

l  Install according to the instructions

l  Conclusion


Measuring in advance

Before we install the collector of the vacuum tube solar water heater, we need to prepare:

¡ Installation position measurement

In areas where lightning strikes may occur, the installation location of vacuum tube solar collector should be selected within the lightning protection range of buildings. If it is not possible, it should be dealt with in accordance with the relevant lightning protection provisions. There should be no blocking objects in front of the collector installation location.

¡ Measurement of Vacuum Tube Solar Collector Components

1. Check whether the accessories and materials are complete.

2. Check the surface of the tank for scratches and lack of fuel tank components.

3. Check if stents and accessories are missing.

4. Check whether the vacuum tube is damaged, leaking, etc., and whether the fittings are missing.

5. Check whether the controller and matching sensors, electric auxiliary heating head, solenoid valves and other accessories are complete, and first check whether there is a quality problem in the appearance.

¡ Measurement of Connecting Pipeline

In order to reduce the loss of circulating water, the length of upper and lower circulating pipes should be shortened as far as possible to reduce the number of elbows.


Choose the right kit

¡ Tools: wrench, impact drill, expansion screw, water pipe, raw material belt, insulated cotton, fixed pipe clamp, metal pipe, pipe insertion, tapping wrench.

¡ Parts: Upper and lower water pipes (aluminium plastic pipes or PES, ppr), tees, direct, mixing valves, nozzles, insulation, heating cables, solenoid valves, temperature control probes, power lines, signal lines, shielding wires, aluminum foil, electric heating, etc. Controller (Buy Solar Band)


Install according to the instructions

¡ Installation requirements

The installation of collector of vacuum tube solar water heater must be installed by professional installation technicians or skilled installation personnel trained by the company.

¡ Installation method

Vacuum tube solar collectors are usually mounted with brackets. The bracket tilts at an angle (depending on the latitude of the ground used, the tilt angle causes sunlight to shine vertically on the collector surface). The main installation methods can be divided according to users.



Vacuum tube solar water heater is composed of collector, water storage tank and bracket. The collector can directly convert solar energy into heat energy. The collector makes use of the working principle of floating, cooling and sinking of hot water to make water microcirculation, thus achieving the purpose of heating. Besides using it, we also need to know about the collector of vacuum tube solar water heater.


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