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What is non pressure solar water heater

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The non-pressure solar water heater is called the direct-inserting all-glass vacuum tube solar water heater. Because the vacuum collector tube and the water tank are sealed by the sealing rubber ring, they cannot withstand the pressure. Households generally use non-pressure solar water heaters. The water tank has a pipe that communicates with the atmosphere. It uses the height difference between the roof and the home to generate pressure when using water. Its safety, cost and service life are much more significant than the pressure type.


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  • Working principle

  • Product performance

  • Advantages and disadvantages

  • Summary


Working principle 

The non-pressure solar water heater is a kind of solar water heater which uses the vacuum tube with high absorptivity and low emissivity to convert the absorbed solar radiation into heat energy. It uses the characteristics of large cold-water ratio and small proportion of hot water to form a natural circulation of cold water from top to bottom and hot water from bottom to top in the vacuum tube, which gradually increases the temperature of the whole water and reaches a certain temperature.

Since the vacuum glass tube is circular, it has the characteristics of natural tracking of the sun source, and the reflection principle of the reflector makes the glass tube cover all sides, the heat collecting effect is longer, and the water temperature is higher, even in the alpine region. It can also operate normally in all seasons.


Product performance

—  Efficient application

High absorptivity, low emissivity

—  Scientific and reasonable

The water inlet and outlet are placed under the water tank to reduce heat loss, and there is no dead water area in the water tank to avoid possible bacterial propagation.

—  Good material quality

All glass vacuum tube is cold and hot shock resistant, high pressure resistant.

—  Super insulation

The heat loss in the water tank is minimal.

—  Energy saving and environmental protection

No pollution, effective protection of the environment, energy conservation, usually very low cost of use. One investment will benefit you for life.

—  Large quantity of heating water

It can be used in series or in parallel. It can not only provide more hot water, but also avoid mixing water caused by automatic water replenishment, which will affect the normal use of water heaters.

—  Wide application area

Reflector angles are carefully designed according to different latitudes in the South and North regions to ensure the best heat collection effect of vacuum tube.


Advantages and disadvantages


—  Safety 

Using solar energy is very safe and not dangerous.

—  Energy saving 

Solar energy is a naturally renewable energy source.

—  Environmental protection  

Solar energy is non-polluting, clean and easy to obtain energy.

—  Affordable

Just install once and you can use it for more than ten years.



—  The collector is fragile, fragile and high maintenance cost.

—  The collector has no overheating protection function.

—  It is not freeze-resistant and can not be used normally at minus 20 degrees.

—  Comparatively large, beautiful, inconvenient installation, can only be placed on the roof, increase the weight of the roof.

—  It is not easy to transport and install.

—  Easy to produce dirt, can not drink

—  Water temperature is unstable and difficult to control.



Non-pressure solar water heaters require professional workers to install, should be installed in a flat place, in winter for outdoor water pipes need to be thermal insulation. Non-pressure solar water heaters are very safe, energy-saving,  environmentally friendly and the heat collecting effect is long and the water temperature is high, even in the alpine region, it can operate normally all year round.


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