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What are the pros and cons of Sunpower solar heating? How to install

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With the development of science and technology, there have been many changes in the way of heating in rural areas. Nowadays, rural heating methods include floor heating, solar heating, etc. Among them, solar energy is an inexhaustible source of energy, and this heating method is very Convenience, do you know the advantages and disadvantages of rural solar heating?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of rural solar heating?


1. Time is not limited

In addition to the usual heating, solar heating can store the heat of the day. It can also store solar energy for a week. It can even reach the inter-season energy storage. The solar energy in spring, summer and autumn can be stored for the heating season and the whole year. use.

2. Intelligent control

The home solar heating system realizes dynamic intelligent operation mode, which consists of a high-temperature solar heating system on the roof and an indoor computer intelligent control system, which reduces the daily use cost to a minimum.

3. Environmental protection and safety

The home solar heating system is easy to operate and can be easily used by both the elderly and children. At the same time, it is converted into heat by solar radiation to achieve heating, so the environmental performance is excellent.

4. Energy efficient

The home solar heating system can use solar energy to the maximum efficiency, saving energy costs of 40-60% or more, and operating costs are greatly reduced under the same heating conditions.

5. Save floor space

The water tank can be installed underground, saving floor space and being protected from underground moisture and rainwater intrusion.


1.The solar heating system has high requirements for buildings. It is best to be super-south, and there is a large enough area on the surface of the building or next to the collector.

2. The material requirements of the solar heating system are high, and the materials such as pipes and pipe fittings have high temperature resistance, heat preservation, anti-corrosion and fire resistance.

3. The thermal resistance of solar heating to the ground is less than 0.05m2. °C/W, and wood floors and blankets cannot be used. The width of the ground expansion joint is required to be greater than 20 mm, and the thickness of the filling layer is greater than 50 mm.

How to install solar heating in rural areas

1. Preparation work

(1) Prepare the tools you need to use. For example: screwdrivers, wrenches, electric drills, etc.

(2) Open the package of the water heater, check whether the accessories are complete; whether the electric heating is intact; whether the water tank body has dents; whether the supporting accessories are complete; whether the packaging of the intelligent controller is intact.

2. The mounting bracket

(1) Generally, it is chosen to sit on the roof from the north to the south, to ensure that there is no obstruction. The household pipeline is also reduced as much as possible to facilitate the increase of sunshine hours.

(2) Assemble the front and back pieces together according to the instructions, then tighten the screws with a wrench and do not loosen them. Then install the front and rear side of the installation diagonally.

(3) After the water tank and vacuum tube are installed, check all the screws again and make sure they are tightened.

3. Fixed bracket

Cement piers, expansion bolts or wire ropes are usually used to secure the bracket. Put the wire rope or large steel bar on the left and right frames of the front bracket and the left and right u-rings of the bucket bracket, tighten with nuts, and stretch the four wires or steel bars connected to the water heater in four corners, and select the appropriate position on the parapet or other places. The drill hole is connected by the expansion hook, and the steel wire rope or the steel bar is firmly connected with the corresponding expansion hook U-ring.

4. Install the water tank

(1) Open the dustproof cover of the electric heating port, loosen the screw, then pry the bottom plug, check the built-in sealing rubber ring to see if it is tight, and then put the built-in electric heating rod into it. Recover and tighten the bolts.

(2) Place the water tank on the assembled bucket bracket, bolt the water tank to the bucket bracket, and tighten the connection nut between the bracket and the bucket bracket so that the two ends of the water tank are equal to the left and right ends of the bracket, and the center line of the vacuum tube and the front bracket plane Parallel, then place the silicone seal ring into the inner bucket flange and lay it flat.

5. Install the vacuum tube

(1) Install the vacuum tube holder first, and install the lower part of the collector tube, then install the tube holder at the specified position of the bracket.

(2) Check the sealed silicone ring in the inner tank of the insulation layer, and then check whether the tail of the vacuum tube is damaged. Then check the transparency of the coating like mercury and check whether the nozzle has processing burrs and roundness. Put the outer tube sealing rubber ring into the vacuum tube about 15cm, then fully wet the tube mouth with soapy water, grasp the end of the vacuum tube with the right hand, one is to protect the tail angle of the process, and the other is to facilitate the intubation force. Insert the vacuum tube in the direction of the vertical nozzle, push it evenly into the water tank with force, insert it and return it to the tube seat, so that all the vacuum tubes are installed in turn.

6. Connected to the hot water pipe

(1) Entangling the tape at the inlet and outlet, then attaching the pipe fittings and connecting the special solar pipes;

(2) The electric heating cable is closely attached to the outer wall of the pipe, and is fastened with a sticky tie;

(3) Install the sensor in the water level meter hole of the water tank mall, and use a thick polyethylene rubber tube to heat the outside of the pipe;

(4) The water in the solar water tank is connected by tap water.

7. Wiring

(1) The red line is the live line, the two-color line is the ground line, and there is a zero line. Peeling, revealing about 2cm of copper wire, put on the heat shrinkable tube, for insulation and dust. Then connect the power cable with the three wires to the color, and then securely connect them with the waterproof insulating tape from the outside to avoid short circuit.

(2) When wiring the electric heating cable, cut a bevel on the port of the electric heating cable so that the distance between the two wires is farther away to avoid short circuit. Entangled with insulating tape to make it fully insulated, and align the end of the electric heating cable with the end of the tube, and fix it on the official road with insulating tape to make it close to the pipe wall. The other end is the intelligent controller terminal. If there is a booster pump, the pump wiring is connected with the electric heating parallel link.

8. Install the intelligent controller

(1) Punch the side wall of the room, then insert the plastic expansion tube, and install the fixed base of the measuring instrument on the wall surface;

(2) The signal line of the sensor and the signal line of the control box are docked according to the mark and inserted firmly;

(3) The thermostatic water mixing solenoid valve should be installed horizontally, and the wiring of the solenoid valve is respectively connected to the terminal block on the control box.

The above is what I have compiled for you about the advantages and disadvantages of rural solar heating. How to install it, I hope to help everyone.


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