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U pipe solar collector how it works

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U-pipe solar collector is a new type of new energy-saving product. The collector is separated from the water tank. The heat transfer medium in the U-tube converts solar radiation energy into heat energy and transmits it to the water tank through the heat exchanger. The u-pipe solar collector can adopt a series and parallel arrangement of heat collecting systems with different lighting areas, and combine with other conventional energy sources to realize the uninterrupted operation of the hot water system. At the same time, it is installed on the roof with roof insulation and beautifying the roof function to realize the integration of solar energy and buildings.


Content list of this article:

—  Brief introduction of U-pipe solar collector

—  Working principle and schematic

—  Advantage   

—  Conclusion


Brief introduction of U-pipe solar collector 

The U-pipe solar collector is a heat collecting unit composed of an all-glass vacuum heat collecting tube, a U-shaped copper tube, an aluminum wing and a bracket. The collector and the water tank are separated by the heat transfer medium in the U-tube to convert the solar radiation energy into heat energy and transfer it to the water tank through the heat exchanger. The heat collecting system with different lighting areas can be formed in series or parallel mode, and it can cooperate with conventional energy to realize the all-weather operation of the hot water system. There is no water in the vacuum tube, and the vacuum tube is broken, and the heat collecting system operates as usual. The heat transfer medium can be used with antifreeze, which is especially suitable for the four seasons in the alpine region. The collectors can be installed in parallel or in series, and the working pressure of the system is 6kgf/m2. The heat collecting tube is not restricted by direction, and the system is easy to install and maintain. With the addition of control devices, the hot water system can be fully automated.


Working principle and schematic

The principle of the U-pipe solar collector is that the solar radiation passes through the glass envelope of the vacuum tube and is projected onto the inner glass tube, and the glass inner tube is in close contact with the aluminum wing. The heat absorbed by the vacuum tube is transferred to the U-shaped copper tube in a large amount, and then exchanged to the working medium through the copper tube, so that the working medium is continuously heated, and the heat can further heat the water tank through the working medium. Since the working medium mainly flows in the U-shaped tube, it flows into the water tank through heat exchange.



①  There is no water and no scaling inside the vacuum tube, and the long-term use does not affect the heat collection efficiency.

②  It is not restricted by the installation angle. It can be placed vertically or horizontally, that is, the balcony wall-mounted type.

③  It can be used for pressure and non-pressure.

④  Occasionally damaged vacuum tube does not affect the operation of the whole machine.

⑤  The system adopts steel connection, no aging and leakage caused by silicone sealing ring.

⑥  The circulation pump is used to force the liquid heat transfer cycle, and the efficiency is high.

⑦  It can be stringed and connected in parallel into a large heat collection project.



Nowadays, energy conservation, environmental protection, safety, aesthetics and economy are practical. U-pipe solar collectors can be satisfied. The U-pipe solar collector can simultaneously design the solar collector and the indoor water supply and drainage system, synchronize construction, synchronous acceptance, and put into use at the same time as the construction project.


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