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The product precautions of selecting the Sunpower solar thermal insulation water tank

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Renovation for the environmental protection and energy saving a lot of real estate will choose solar thermal insulation water tank, solar thermal insulation water tank refers to a device used in solar concentrated hot water or solar heating engineering, used to collect and store the hot water generated by the collector. During the decoration process, select the product precautions that the solar thermal insulation water tank should know during the installation and construction process.

Solar insulation tank installation precautions

1.The solar thermal insulation water tank can be installed on a flat roof, a ground or a household series, and can also be installed on an outdoor balcony, an indoor kitchen, a bathroom, and the like.

2. The installation position of the solar thermal insulation water tank should be convenient for draining the sewage outlet. The hot water tank should be as close as possible to the water point and the installation position of the main machine to reduce the heat loss of the pipeline.

3. For the floor project, the water tank should be placed on the load-bearing beam regardless of the size; if the water tank exceeds 5 tons, the customer should be required to bear the load-bearing foundation. The bearing capacity of the load-bearing foundation should be twice the weight of the water tank after the water is filled; the floor is wider or the water tank is larger. It is recommended that the user divide the water tank into multiple load-bearing beams (normally, do not exceed 10 tons for a single round water tank and 20 tons for a single square water tank).

4. Place the top of the insulation tank at the top of the building. The stainless steel mirror should be placed to reflect the surrounding office or living environment.

5, solar thermal insulation water tank floor installation, must be installed above 150mm height horizontal foundation, the water tank placement position should not affect the surrounding residents.

6. The foundation of the solar thermal insulation water tank needs the water level, and the water level of the foundation plane cannot appear; if the bracket welded by the I-beam or channel steel, the position of the water tank must be laid flat with the steel plate. The circular insulated water tank should be placed upright and should not be placed horizontally.

Installation and maintenance space of more than 600mm should be left around the water tank. Because the circulating water pump configured by the unit does not have a suction stroke, the installation position of the water tank should not be lower than the unit. Considering that the head is limited, it should not be higher than the unit. The conditions are best placed at the same level.

Solar thermal insulation tank structure

1.Skin: The solar skin produced is color steel plate, and the color steel plate substrate is galvanized plate. It is an alloy coating composed of 55% aluminum, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% silicon. It has been proved that galvanized sheet is applied. The anti-corrosion ability is 4-6 times of the same condition galvanized sheet substrate, the color is bright silver gray, the surface hardness is high, it is not easy to scratch, and the strong sun light, exposure, industrial excrement erosion and temperature stress in decades Under the effect of the main body, the performance of the main body is intact and no maintenance is required.

2. Liner: The liner should be made of SUS304 food grade stainless steel. The thickness of the non-pressure standard is 0.4-0.6mm. The welding of the liner is made of argon arc welding and electric resistance welding. Straight seam welding and wire Tube welding is performed in the form of argon arc welding, and the ring weld is in the form of resistance welding, so as to ensure that the metal surface layer is not damaged during the welding process.

3. insulation layer: Its role is self-evident, the insulation material is polyurethane high-pressure foaming machine foaming, the current commonly used CFC-11 as a foaming agent polyurethane foam material as insulation layer, due to CFC-11 gas will According to the Montreal Convention, in 2007, China should completely phase out the material. At present, our company uses HCFC141b environmentally friendly foaming material, which is a zero-ozone-depleting substance that has no destructive effect on the atmospheric ozone layer and is non-combustible. Non-toxic, truly environmentally friendly polyurethane foaming agent.


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