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The performance of flat plate solar collector arrays

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Everyone should be very happy to use the water heater, can use warm hot water. The performance of the flat plate solar collector used by different water heaters is different. Better performance collectors not only bring a better sense of use, but also increase the time of use and so on.

The following is a detailed introduction:

  • What is the flat-plate solar collector arrays

  • Working principle

  • Main performance

  • Various performance advantages

Flat panel solar collector array meaning


flat plate solar collector array comprising a plurality of solar collectors placed side by side, each of the solar collectors comprising a solar collector and a solar receiver, between the solar collector and the solar receiver Connected by a support frame, characterized in that an acute angle is formed between the solar collector and the ground.


Working principle


The basic working principle of the flat plate solar collector is very simple. In a nutshell, the sunlight is irradiated onto the surface of the heat absorbing body coated with the absorbing layer through a transparent cover plate, wherein most of the solar radiation can be absorbed by the absorber, converted into heat energy, and transmitted to the working fluid in the fluid channel. In this way, the cold working fluid from the bottom of the collector is heated by the solar energy in the fluid passage, the temperature is gradually increased, and the heated hot working fluid is discharged from the upper end of the collector with the useful heat energy. The use of water in the tank is a useful energy gain. At the same time, as the temperature of the heat absorbing body increases, heat is dissipated to the environment through the transparent cover and the outer casing, constituting various heat losses of the flat plate solar collector.


Main performance


The flat plate solar collector is the basic component of solar thermal utilization and has been the leading product in the world solar market. Flat-plate collectors have been widely used in many fields such as domestic water heating, swimming pool heating, industrial water heating, building heating and air conditioning.


The flat plate solar collector is simple in structure, flexible and easy to maintain. The flat plate solar collector is versatile in form and easy to integrate with the building. It has a long service life, stable performance, anti-freeze and anti-scaling, defrost and snow, clean water and good health. The flat plate solar collector is simple in structure, reliable in operation, low in cost, low in heat flow density, that is, the temperature of the working medium is also low, safe and reliable. Compared with the vacuum tube solar collector, it has strong pressure bearing capacity and large heat absorption area. It is one of the best types of collectors in combination with solar energy and architecture.


Outstanding advantages in performance


  • Size can be customized and a variety of installation methods, with a high degree of integration with the building

Compared with the collector of the vacuum tube, the flat plate collector can customize the production of flat plate collectors of different sizes according to the characteristics and needs of the building, which greatly expands the use range of the flat plate collector and greatly reduces the range. The use of real estate agents and users is plagued. A variety of installation methods, vertical, horizontal, inclined installation, vertical installation, etc., according to the situation of the building to adjust, the designer only needs to consider the corresponding balcony facade load bearing problems.

  • High heat collection efficiency at bath temperature

In terms of the collector efficiency of the collector, it is generally common to say that the flat type solar collector and the vacuum tube solar collector each have an advantage. At temperatures below 70 degrees Celsius, flat-plate solar collectors are higher than the thermal efficiency of vacuum tube solar collectors. When the water temperature in the collector is below 50C, the instantaneous thermal efficiency of the flat collector is greater than that of the vacuum tube collector. The temperature of a common solar collector is generally medium or low temperature, so the ordinary solar collector is in operation, the instantaneous efficiency of the flat collector is higher than that of the vacuum tube collector.


  • Strong pressure bearing performance is another big advantage

What is the benefit of pressure on the user? To put it simply, there is pressure on the water. The traditional solar water heaters have water pressure due to the natural water drop. The water pressure is relatively small, and the water temperature is prone to cold and hot. The solar water heater is installed on the balcony wall. After using the flat plate collector, it can withstand the corresponding water pressure. It can realize the running water of the tap water. The water is pressurized and the bath is more comfortable.


  • More stable when building a large centralized hot water system 

The flat plate solar collector can be used to form a large-scale hot water system. It is generally used in hotels, swimming pools, schools, factories, hospitals, etc. The connection between the flat collector and the system is a metal connection, which is less affected by the environment. To ensure the stability of the entire system, the product has good thermal performance.


With the progress of society, many residential households, schools, hospitals, factories, and government agencies have selected flat-plate solar collectors with good heat collecting effect and fast heat collecting speed in solar water heating projects. After the above introduction, we can clearly understand that the performance of different collectors is different, from the more professional point of view, the choice of collectors can be maximized.


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