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The Difference Between Pressure and Non-Pressure Solar Water Heater

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Today, the global energy situation is tense and the climate warming seriously threatens the economic development and people's health. All countries in the world are seeking new energy substitution strategies in order to achieve sustainable development and gain a dominant position in future development. Solar energy has become the focus of attention because of its clear, continuous and safe advantages. Therefore, the emergence of solar water heaters is undoubtedly a great invention for people. There are many kinds of solar water heaters, which can be divided into pressure solar water heater and non-pressure solar water heater . This paper makes some analysis on the performance of pressure solar water heater and non-pressure solar water heater.


Here are some elements:

♠ What is stress Pressure and Non-Pressure Solar Water Heater

♠ Performance difference

♠ Usage difference

♠ Scope of application

♠ Conclusion


What is stress Pressure and Non-Pressure Solar Water Heater

Pressure water heater is called phase change thermal conductivity full pressure solar water heater. The phase change thermal conductivity collector is composed of vacuum tube, phase change heat pipe and heat transfer aluminum wing. Because of the threaded connection between the phase change heat pipe and the water tank, and there is no liquid in the vacuum pipe, it can withstand pressure.

Non-pressure solar water heaters are all called straight-in all-glass vacuum tube solar water heaters. Because the vacuum collector and water tank are sealed by sealing rubber ring, they can not withstand pressure.

Performance difference

Compared with them , their performances are mainly different as follows:


❶ The pressurized water shutdown can not be used because the water supply pressure is the tap water pressure, so it is higher than the natural gravity pressure. But because the pressure-bearing type is operated under pressure, and the upper and lower water depend on the water pressure of the pipeline, the circuit control of the pressure-bearing type is relatively simple.


❷ Because the non-pressure solar water heater normally uses the non-pressure water shutdown, the efficiency is high and the service life is long. But in terms of energy use, it is more energy-efficient.

Usage difference

Pressure solar water heater and pressure-free solar water heater have different methods of use and other matters needing attention:


❶ As far as water temperature is concerned:

The water temperature of confined type is first high and then low in the course of use, which is easy to master and easy to adapt to by users.

The water pressure of the non-pressure solar water heater is very low when it takes a bath, and it is extremely uncomfortable when it takes a bath, and the water temperature is first low and then high.


❷ As far as water diversion is concerned:

The inner liner of the pressurized water tank is welded by high frequency welding, which can be directly connected with the water system and run automatically.

If the family lives on the roof, the pressure of the non-pressure solar water heater is low when it is used.

Scope of application

As two different types of solar water heaters, their application ranges are also very different:


❶ Because the pressurized type is a closed water tank, the tank tank is thicker, so it can be placed anywhere in the home, such as the bathroom or living room.


❷ Because the non-pressure solar water heater is an open water tank, there are exhaust holes at the top of the water tank, and the outlet water is drained by gravity, so the water tank needs to be placed on the roof.


These are some comparisons between two kinds of solar water heaters , each with its own merits. At present, the demand for hot bathing water for urban and rural residents in China is growing rapidly . In rural areas and small and medium-sized cities, solar water heaters have become an important means to improve people's living quality and build a well-off society in an all-round way. With the development of medium and high temperature solar water heaters and the increasingly perfect integration of solar energy and building technology, the application field of solar water heaters is no longer limited to providing hot water, but is gradually expanding to the direction of heating, refrigeration, drying and industrial  application.Therefore,the market potential of solar water heaters in China is huge.


Please choose pressure solar water heater or non-pressure solar water heater according to your own needs. I hope this article will guide you on the difference between pressure solar water heater and non-pressure solar water heater.If you have any questions during the selection process, please let us know in time. We are happy to serve you.


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