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Roof U-tube solar collector construction method

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U-tube solar collector is a new type of new energy-saving product. The collector and the water tank are separated by the heat transfer medium in the U-tube to convert the solar radiation energy into heat energy and transfer it to the water tank through the heat exchanger. The solar collector can be designed, constructed, and inspected simultaneously with the indoor water supply and drainage system, and put into use at the same time as the construction project, so that it can meet the requirements of energy saving, environmental protection, safety, beauty, and economy. U-tube solar collectors are installed in two ways: one is mounted on a flat roof. The other is installed on an overhead roof.



1. Working method characteristics

2. Scope of application

3. Process principle

4. Operation process and main points

5. Conclusion


Working method characteristics

— It is a non-polluting green renewable energy source, which reduces environmental pollution caused by conventional boilers and power generation, and is conducive to environmental protection.

— The roof U-tube solar collector construction method realizes the beautification, energy saving and solar energy conversion of the building roof without occupying land resources.

— It has internal circulation heating, high heat efficiency, high pressure and low heat loss.

— There is no water and no scaling inside the vacuum tube. The long-term use does not affect the heat collection efficiency. Occasionally, the vacuum tube does not affect the operation of the whole machine.

— It prevents overheating and explosion protection

— Good environmental adaptability. It has good anti-freeze and anti-icing impact performance, normal use under harsh environment with high and low temperature drastic changes, and can be used all year round.

— The installation is very flexible and convenient. It can be installed according to user requirements, with short construction period and easy installation.

— Roof U-tube solar collector construction method is very reliable and stable. Simple maintenance and low maintenance costs.


Scope of application

Roof U-tube solar collector construction method is suitable for installation of various structural roofs, as well as for open floors, especially in areas with abundant solar energy resources.

Process principle 

The principle of the roof U-tube solar collector is to install a steel structure bracket on the roof, and fix the framed collector to the steel structure bracket. Each group of collectors is connected by a metal hose to form a string or parallel structure. The vacuum glass tube absorbs the sunlight and faxes the heat to the metal fins in the empty tube. The metal fins then transfer the heat to the U-shaped copper tube in close contact with it. The copper tube then transfers the heat to the cold water in the copper tube, and finally in the circulation pump. The function sends the hot water to the hot water storage tank through the water outlet pipe.


Operation process and main points

Roof U-tube solar collector construction flow chart


Main points of roof U-tube solar collector construction:

— The components of the heat collecting system shall not be damaged or damaged during storage, handling, lifting and other processes. When hoisting, the bottom of the lining should be lined with wood, and the back should not be subjected to any collision and heavy pressure.

— When hoisting, the bottom of the lining should be lined with wood, and the back should not be subjected to any collision and heavy pressure.

— Safety measures such as safety ropes and strong non-slip scaffolding must be used when the roof slope is greater than 15 degrees.

— When installing the glass components, gently handle them to prevent the glass from falling and hurting people.

— If the wind is stopped at level 5 or above, the unmounted glass components should be fixed.

— When constructing high-altitude work, construction workers should wear safety protective equipment and set up a clear, clear and easy-to-understand safety mark.

— Rain, snow, frost and other weather should be cleaned up before construction.

— Handle light materials, especially glass components, during construction work.

— Strictly control working time and on-site noise to reduce noise pollution.

— The materials left on the roof and the waste generated during the construction shall be cleaned to the designated place on the same day.



Nowadays, the society advocates energy conservation and environmental protection, so we need to keep up with the pace of development. Use U-tube solar collectors to meet energy, environmental, safety, aesthetic and economical needs.


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