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Residential solar power water heating set up

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Solar water heater is widely used in our home life, which provides great convenience for our life. To get better user experience, we must be fully aware of it from many aspects especially about its installation.

What is residential solar water heater?

The residential solar water heater installation is a heating device, which can meet the daily use of hot water for residents. With the conversion of solar energy into thermal energy, it can heat water from low to high temperatures. To some extent, residential solar water heater is an energy saving device which is friendly to the environment at the same time.  

What should we pay attention to when installing

Before we put it into use, we must be clear on the installation of the solar water heater. The installation is a big problem as it is closely related to the use and more importantly, safety of this device. Due to its complexity of the solar water heater, specific installation steps are usually done by the professional. But there is still something we residents should keep in mind during the installation.

  • Install in a single area.

The installation is better done in separate areas. Because the solar water heater will occupy much space, it is best to be installed in a single area for further use.

  • Achieve the approval of the people concerned.

In order to achieve the purpose of convenience, safety and harmony, outdoor installation sites are usually settled through consultation between suppliers and users. The installation can begin with the approval of the property or the neighbours concerned.

  • Choose appropriate piping material.

The piping material is also worth considering due to the high temperature of the water. Aluminum plastic pipe is a good choice to prevent the pipe from soft and age during the use.

  • Choose the appropriate fixing bracket and fixing method

The fixed mode of the installation should also be taken into account as well as the fixed bracket.

  • Install the lightning protection measures.

Before installing the water heater, the lightning rod next to the roof water heater should be used to effectively heighten the thunderstorm without using the water heater.

  • Install the solar panel.

If the solar reflector board is removed, the windproof performance of the solar water heater will be greatly improved, and when installed, it will be firmly fixed with the roof, which can also withstand the typhoon attack. And when typhoon comes, ensure that the solar water tank is full, so that the wind resistance is stronger.

Where can you put solar water heater

The location of the solar water heater is a key point when installing, as it will influence the efficiency and safety of the further use. Here are some tips for choosing an appropriate location of installation for best user experience.

Ø The requirement of solar energy installation for building structure is directional sunshine without shielding the front. Water heaters are usually installed on the horizontal roof of buildings. When they are used only in summer, the angle between the collector plate and the ground should be about 10 degrees less than the local latitude.

Ø Collector installation orientation is the best, with the receiving plate facing south. If the actual installation conditions are difficult, it can also be installed at 15 degrees east or west.

Ø When installing on the roof, it should be considered that the weight of water tank, collector plate and water will increase the load of the floor, which should be installed after calculation. When the building is high, the influence of wind force should be considered.

Ø The structure of the balcony is also exquisite. Before installation, interior pipelines should be designed in advance to ensure that the interior is in perfect condition after installation.


This article talks about installation of residential solar water heater. There are many details we should pay attention to, as noted before. Residential solar water heater is environment-friendly and economical. Hope you can install your solar water heater properly and enjoy using it. If you have any problem, you can contact with us.



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