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Is the water in the residential solar water heater clean?

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People who have installed residential solar water heaters in their homes should have considered this question: Is the water in the solar energy drinkable? Some people may drink solar water directly for drinking when they want to drink hot water. But whether this is harmful to health, the following is for your analysis.


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What is a solar water heater?

Residential solar water heater tank material

Can the water of a residential solar water heater be drunk?



What is a solar water heater?

The solar water heater, which converts solar energy into heat energy. Heats water from low temperature to high temperature to satisfy the use of hot water in people's life and production. According to the structure, solar water heaters are divided into vacuum tubular solar water heaters and flat solar water heaters, mainly vacuum tubular solar water heaters, accounting for 95% of the domestic market share. Vacuum tubular household solar water heater consists of heat collector, water storage tank and bracket. The conversion of solar energy into heat energy mainly depends on the vacuum collector tube. Which uses the principle of hot water floating in cold water to produce microcirculation of water. Get the hot water you need.

Residential solar water heater tank material

Solar water heater tank liner, generally use SUS3042B food grade stainless steel, which is the material of stainless steel lunch box. If it is a regular manufacturer of water heater products, can ensure that the use of food steel. Drinking water after the previous period is no problem, this is the right the tank liner is for.


Followed by a vacuum tube, generally a full glass vacuum tube, in-line type, constructed like a thermos bottle. The vacuum coating is on the opposite side of the innermost glass, is isolated from the water. And the insulation principle of the thermos is the same. So for the vacuum tube Water is not polluted, you can drink it after drinking water.


Then there is a silicone ring for sealing between the vacuum tube and the water tank. The material is similar to the bottle stopper for medical saline and glucose, so there is no pollution to water. Generally in the summer or even late spring or early autumn, the water in the water heater can easily be heated to boiling. In theory, the water in the solar water heater is drinkable. But there are still many other factors that affect the untreated solar water.


Can the water of a residential solar water heater be drunk?

Water in residential solar water heaters is not recommended for drinking because non-pressure solar water tanks are not sealed. Sometimes the vent hole has flying insects and other things, and the water in the water tank and the glass tube cannot be used up every time. After a long time, the scale will be left. The result is that the scale is mixed for several days. The remaining water is mixed with the new water, and the water quality is definitely not clean.And the repeated heating of water produces nitrite, and the nitrosamine produced by the action of nitrite in the body and stomach acid is a carcinogen. Ingestion of nitrite 0.3-0.5 grams will be poisoned, and even severe death. Long-term consumption of foods with high nitrite content can be converted into nitrosamines under certain conditions, which may cause cancer.


Although the pressurized solar energy is sealed, the water is discharged by the water pressure. The water inside is always full and unsanitary. Therefore, it is recommended not to use the water in the residential solar water heater to cook rice. Will eat in the belly. This kind of water is definitely not very clean, but because the high temperature can kill some bacteria, there is no big problem with such water taking a bath.



If you have these needs, you can purchase a water purifier for installation, and the water through the water purifier will be cleaner and more suitable for domestic water. This time, whether you are cooking or drinking, you can.


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