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How to install flat plate solar collector

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Whether it's in the cold winter or the hot summer, everyone will enjoy the time to use hot water. And, the use of hot water is also good for our body in some ways. The flat plate solar collector is an instrument for preparing hot water. It may be overlooked that the flat plate solar collector is installed. Only the flat plate solar collector is used to prepare hot water. Below we will analyze the flat plate solar collector installation.

Proceed as follows:

  • Measuring in advance

  • Choose the right kit  

  • Install according to the instructions


Measuring in advance

  • Mounting position measurement

In areas where lightning strikes are likely to occur, the installation location of the flat plate solar collector should be selected within the lightning protection scope of the building. If it is not possible, it should be handled in accordance with the relevant lightning protection regulations. There should be no obstructed objects in front of the collector installation location. If there is obstruction, the distance between the flat plate solar collector and the obstruction should be greater than L. L = H / tg (66.5 - α) (where H: occlusion height; α: local latitude).


  • Flat plate solar collector component measurement

1. Be sure to check that the attached accessories and materials are complete.

2. Check the surface of the tank for scratches and missing parts of the tank.

3. Check if the bracket and accessory parts are missing.

4. Check the vacuum tube for damage, air leaks, etc., and whether the accessory parts are missing.

5. Check whether the controller and supporting sensors, electric auxiliary heating head, solenoid valve and other accessories are complete, and first check whether there is quality problem in appearance.


  • Connection pipe measurement

In order to reduce the loss of circulating water, the length of the upper and lower circulation pipes should be shortened as much as possible to reduce the number of elbows.

Choose the right kit

Tools: wrenches, impact drills, expansion screws, water pipes, raw material belts, insulation cotton, clamps for fixed pipes, metal pipes, and pipe-inserted, tapping wrenches.


Parts: upper and lower water pipes (aluminum plastic pipe or PES, ppr), tee, direct, mixing valve, nozzle, insulation, heating cable, solenoid valve, temperature control probe, power line, signal line, shielded wire, aluminum foil, electric heating And so on. Controller (buy solar band)

Install according to the instructions

  • Installation requirements

1. Flat plate solar collector installation must be installed by the company's professional installation technicians or skilled installers trained by the company;

2. The installation plane should be in the south or in the range of 10 degrees to the east or west, and there is no light blocking in the front for more than 2/3 of the day; the recommended installation angle is ±15° in the region;

3. Building load-bearing: The installation position is subject to four times the total weight of the collector after filling the working medium, otherwise it needs to be reinforced to meet the installation requirements.

4. The pipeline is reserved, which can be easily connected to the collector.

5. Reserve power to the control system.


  • Installation method

The flat plate solar collector is generally mounted with a bracket. The bracket is tilted at a certain angle (depending on the latitude of the ground used, the angle is inclined to make the sun light vertically illuminate the surface of the collector). The main installation method can be divided according to the user. Single-chip installation and multi-chip installation. Each collector has four connectors. The two collectors are connected by a bellows or a copper pipe joint. The excess outlet is plugged with a wire cap.


  • matters need attention

1.flat plate solar collector should avoid scratches and scratches on the front (glass) after the handling process. If it is handled by one person (two people face up and put the placement area), put the glass surface (note that it cannot be It is the back part of the galvanized plate surface. It has two long sides on both sides. It is lightly handled and placed at a certain angle when standing. The short side is on the ground.

2. If it is in a place with high wind or typhoon, it needs to be installed with a strong bracket to make it wind resistance up to 12 or above.

3. Lightning protection measures are required. It is recommended to use lightning rod lightning protection to connect the lightning rod above the collector mounting surface and the collector bracket.

4. The collector installation must be stable and secure to avoid damage and accidents.

5. The maximum working pressure in the collector shall not exceed 0.6 MPa.

6. The collector is an open system, and the pipeline should be equipped with an exhaust device and an atmosphere.



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