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How to disinfect your residential solar water heater?

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Residential solar water heaters need to be cleaned regularly, inspected and disinfected every year. You can choose to have a professional cleaning company to clean them, or you can do some cleaning work yourself. This article briefly introduces how to disinfect solar water heaters at home.


Is there bacteria in the residential solar water heater?

Disinfection method



Is there bacteria in the residential solar water heater?

In fact, the hot water in the residential solar water heater is poisonous for a long time! Even if the bath is not healthy! Because most of the solar water heaters use repeatedly heated water, there is a pollution, there will be bacteria and a carcinogen in the water - nitrite High temperature can't kill this kind of material! So don't try to drink the water in the water heater. When taking a bath, the pores are open and they are also exposed to water. It is also harmful to bathe and brush your teeth with such water.


Tap water also contains a variety of impurities, easy to form rust on the inner wall of the bladder, and the water heater due to long-term water storage, each time the use of a longer interval, will lead to a pollution of the stored water. Because the water does not move for a long time, it is easy to hide dirt and bacteria in the dead corner of the inner bladder. In addition, due to the large differences in water quality, tap water in many places may contain various bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Salmonella, which directly affect the health of users.


Disinfection method

Method one:

If it is convenient, the solar vacuum tube can be removed, and the appropriate amount of white vinegar can be immersed for 10 minutes, then pulled back and forth with a brush to remove the remaining scale, and the water can be used twice.


Method Two:

 1. If it is not convenient to remove the vacuum tube, open the water inlet of the solar water heater and pour the white vinegar into the storage tank.

 2. Automatically cycle for 20~30 minutes, make the white vinegar solution fully contact with all parts, then open the drain and drain the white vinegar washed with scale.

 3. Refill the water tank after filling the water for 2 minutes, then drain the circulating water, and clean the descaling work.

4. Due to the chemical reaction, the vacuum tube running with white vinegar or the vacuum tube washed by the circulating method will have some unpleasant smell. After washing, it can be scrubbed with lemon juice or add some lemon juice during the cycle to taste. .


Method three:

1. Buy some chlorine-containing disinfectant. You can also choose a special solar detergent. Mix it with water in a ratio of 1:10 and add it to the storage tank. For water heaters that have not been cleaned for a long time, they can also be poured directly into the stock solution. After soaking for 5-15 minutes, the scale can be disintegrated.

2, then let it automatically heat cycle for 20-30 minutes, drain the cleaning solution directly from the drain;

3. Open the water inlet and refill it for two minutes after filling it up;

4, can be used normally after draining.



With the improvement of the quality of life, people pay more and more attention to their own health, and don't neglect the quality of the step of washing.The above solar disinfection methods described in this article, you can choose the appropriate method to clean and sterilize the residential solar water heater according to your own situation.


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