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Discussion and suggestions for solving common problems of Sunpower flat plate solar collector system

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At present, solar energy has a bad reputation in some markets, which has affected the development of enterprises and the entire industry. The reason is nothing more than the internal and external causes. Combine what I have seen and heard, and do the following analysis for reference.

A. Internal cause

Before the 90’s, flat plate solar energy occupied the leading position in our market, and then there were sunburn solar energy and so on.

Since 2000, vacuum tube solar energy has gradually entered a dominant position, because ordinary flat-panel solar energy is thermally conductive in water at that time, and water is released every winter in cold regions. If there is no water left, there will be freezing problems, so the solar collector copper tubes are opened every spring. A lot of drums are cracked and the amount of maintenance is large, which provides an opportunity for the vacuum tube solar market.

Since 2010, with the development of the engineering market, new flat-plate solar energy has gradually entered the market. Because the new flat-plate solar energy adopts anti-freezing thermal fluid, the problem of anti-freezing and water leakage maintenance is gradually solved. In addition, the flat-plate solar energy has the characteristics of easy integration with construction, pressure operation, safety and durability, so that the flat solar energy is once again obtained. The market favors.

However, some quality problems or design defects of some flat-plate solar energy have attracted everyone's attention, such as low water temperature, high repair rate, leakage, and high refilling costs. Everyone should carefully analyze the root causes of each problem, such as lack of liquid and gas blockage, resulting in poor heat exchange cycle of the system, resulting in high temperature gasification pressure, low water temperature, and leakage of liquid, which seriously affects the normal use of users. This problem can be solved by installing an exhaust pipette. So find the root cause and the problem is solved.

In short, I believe that the quality of most flat products is good, except for some products that exclude low-cost competition and cut corners. However, our product quality heating performance and manufacturing process still have room for innovation and improvement, and we need everyone to insist on innovation and development.

B. External cause

As we all know, solar thermal products are seven-point installations of three-point products. Therefore, the work after leaving the factory is very important. Look at the following common questions is not caused by the quality of our products?

1. The installation is not standardized, resulting in poor cycle heat transfer and low water temperature.

2. The lack of liquid in the later operation.

The flat-plate solar system runs for a certain period of time, the consumption of thermal fluid, the lack of heat transfer, the reduction of water temperature, etc., of course, is not a product quality problem, but it is also true that our factors have not been able to educate the market and users how to maintain their own solar system. .

3. User specification application aspects.

At present, the hot water pipe installed on the wall-mounted flat solar energy enters the toilet spray, the washbasin, the kitchen sink, etc., and a three-way valve must be installed in the middle. The user of the system uses water, and the free valve nipple space is in the hot water zone. Although the hot water can't be released, the hot water will flow into the pipeline, stagnate and cool down, frequently and repeatedly, and the heat is lost a lot. This is one of the reasons why the temperature of the wall-mounted solar water rises slowly. There are also factors such as sunshine conditions. Such external factors have seriously affected the effectiveness and enthusiasm of users in using solar energy.

How to put the wall-mounted flat solar market on the right track? How to change the current industry reputation? The author believes that it is necessary to start from the standard installation, solve the problems of lack of liquid, gas blockage and overpressure, so that the industry can develop healthily.

Regarding the standard installation of flat panel solar collectors, the author believes that the following five points should be observed:

1.The collector outlet of the collector is higher than the installation level of the solar collector;

2. The shorter the natural circulation pipeline, the better, the circulation pipeline should go up and down (down);

3. Do not stick the hot and cold circulation pipes together for insulation;

4. The system should realize no shortage of liquid, no gas blockage, no pressure, no liquid and no gas, and it must be installed with an exhaust liquid replenisher;

5. The circulation pipeline is too long to add a pump cycle.

In short, we hope that manufacturers will determine the direction of the problem, and gradually make the industry more recognized by the market, improve the reputation of users, and ensure the normal development of our enterprises.

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