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Different types of residential solar water heater

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Due to the continuous lack of resources, countries have begun to develop new resources. Solar energy is another major resource that has been discovered. Today, solar water heaters are gradually being applied to a variety of people. As a result, a variety of residential solar water heater have appeared on the market.


What is residential solar water heater

Different types of residential solar water heater

residential solar water heater maintenance


What is residential solar water heater


Solar water heaters are heating devices that convert solar energy into heat energy, heating water from low temperature to high temperature to meet the hot water use of people in life and production.


Residential solar water heater is a product that applies solar water heaters to life and is installed in private houses or communities for daily use. Now, it has become very popular.



Different types of residential solar water heater


The collector is one of the main components of the solar water heater. From this part, there are three kinds of glass vacuum tube solar water heaters, flat type solar water heaters and ceramic hollow flat type solar water heaters. The glass vacuum tube solar water heater can be subdivided into an all-glass vacuum tube type, a heat tube vacuum tube type, a U-shaped tube vacuum tube type/vacuum tube collecting heat, and a heat storage integrated boring type.


From the structure of solar water heaters, there are compact solar water heaters and split water heaters. The former is to insert the vacuum glass tube directly into the water tank, and the circulation of the heated water is used to raise the temperature of the water in the water tank. The latter separates the collector from the water tank, which can greatly increase the capacity of the solar water heater, and does not use the falling water working mode, thereby expanding the scope of use.


Classified from the pressure of the water tank, it can be divided into pressure-bearing solar water heaters and non-pressure-bearing solar water heaters. The former is that the water is stressful. Generally, it is a top-water type work, and it is not necessary to use a pressurized water tank. The latter is exploited to take advantage of the height drop between the roof and the home, creating pressure when using water. Its safety, cost and service life are much more significant than the pressure type.


There are also three types according to the direction of water flow, which can be divided into three types, namely, circulating, direct current and integral solar water heaters. Different classifications have different types of water heaters. When users choose and use them, they should also choose the most satisfactory solar water heaters from their own habits and structural characteristics of the buildings.


residential solar water heater maintenance


Step 1- Determine the problem

First of all, if you want to repair the residential solar water heater, you must know what is wrong with the solar water heater in order to repair the problem. Possible problems: water is not hot enough, water is not full, outdoor water is running.


Step 2 - Determine the cause of the problem

u The problem that the water is not hot enough. This type of failure is most likely due to obstructions in front of the water heater, and the sunshine is not long enough. Or the water and sewage valve is not closed tightly, the hot water in the water tank is completely used up without the basic water temperature, and the water consumption in the home is very large, which is affected by bad weather.

u For the problem of dissatisfaction with water. This phenomenon is most likely due to insufficient tap water, disconnected water and sewage pipes, or some pipe fittings inside or outside.

u For the problem of outdoor running water. Water is often everywhere and the water is not enough. This may occur if the vacuum tube leaks or the water supply line is disconnected.


Step 3 - Solution

u For the problem that the water is not hot enough.

1. Replace the large-capacity water heater or install an electric heating system. attention to the weather conditions, pay attention to the water supply of the water heater, try not to use when the weather is bad.

3. Remove objects that block the light source or shift the solar energy.

4. Replace the water ball valve.

5. Clean the vacuum tube.

6. Wipe the vacuum tube and the surface of the poly grating.


  • For the problem of dissatisfaction with water.

1. Find broken pipe fittings and replace them with new ones that are not damaged.

2. A booster pump can be added to make the water flow smooth and ensure sufficient water supply.

3. Reconnect or replace the water supply pipe.

  • For the problem of outdoor running water.

1. Connect the water supply pipe or replace the connection fittings.

2. Replace with a new vacuum tube.


First determine what type of solar water heater you need, you can choose a better residential solar water heater through the introduction of the article.If there is a similar problem in the article during use, you can solve it better.


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