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Construction of residential solar water heater

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Solar water heaters are heating devices that convert solar energy into heat energy, heating water from low temperature to high temperature to meet the hot water use of people in life and production. The residential solar water heater is composed of heat collecting tubes, water storage tanks and brackets and other related spare parts. The conversion of solar energy into heat energy mainly depends on the vacuum heat collecting tube, and the vacuum heat collecting tube uses the principle of hot water floating on the cold water sink to make the water generate microcirculation. Hot water is required. Residential solar water heaters still require professional staff to install.


This is the content table of the article:

1. Structure

2. Performance

3. Specification


Residential solar water heater structure

Residential solar water heaters mainly consist of a water storage tank, a heat collecting tube and a bracket. The appearance of the water storage tank is a cylindrical object with a plurality of jacks. The box body is composed of two layers of metal materials inside and outside, which is composed of a body temperature layer, and functions as water storage; the heat collecting tube is like an elongated kettle. The gallbladder is made up of one large and one small glass tube, the outer layer is transparent, the inner layer is coated with a light-selective absorption coating, and the inner and outer tubes are vacuumed. It is the core of the solar water heater and is used for Maximum absorption of thermal energy after solar radiation; the support supports the entire solar water heater for fixing the water storage tank and the heat collecting tube.


Performance of residential solar water heater

(1) South balcony solar water heating system

The solar water heaters in the south balcony are equipped with a decentralized hot water supply system, and the storage and hot water tanks of each household are placed on the south balcony. It can be installed in a vertical manner, and the collector of each household can be placed at the fence of the south balcony.

The installation features of this system are: on the one hand, the system adopts a double-cycle operation mode, and the pressure is large, ensuring the clean and safe water quality. On the other hand, the design of the collector greatly improves the efficiency of use. The thermal effect is remarkable, especially the vacuum tube and the reflector, which have strong advantages.

(2) Natural circulation hot water system

It is also a decentralized hot water supply system. Its specific placement method is: the storage and supply hot water tank is fixed at the air conditioner outside or the south balcony platform, and does not occupy the residential area of each household. At the same time, its heat collector is dispersed in each. The partition of the bedroom window sill or the fence of the south balcony will serve the residents to the greatest extent and make the best use of space.

(3) Concentration - decentralized hot water supply system

The essence of the solar water heating system is that the collectors in each unit in the unit building are concentrated. Most of them are placed on flat roofs, and their storage hot water tanks are characterized by a dispersed distribution. Large units are permanently placed in the north balcony of each household. Small units are often used in kitchens, and the installation methods are different. Large units often use floor-to-ceiling installation methods, and small units use semi-embedded ceilings or wall-mounted models.


Specification of residential solar water heater 

Thermal performance

Performance of compact and residential solar water heaters:

a) The solar radiation amount is 17MJ/m2 on the day, and the water temperature is ≥45°C at the end of the heat collection in the hot water storage tank. The unitized lighting area of the compact solar water heater unit has a useful heat of ≥7.8MJ in the water storage tank. /m2; Separate and indirect solar water heaters, daily useful heat ≥7.0MJ/m2;

b) The average heat loss factor of it is ≤20W/(m3·K).


Stuffy solar water heater performance:

a) The solar radiation amount on the day is 17MJ/m2, the water temperature at the end of the heat collection in the hot water storage tank is ≥45°C, and the daily useful heat in the hot water tank of the unit outline lighting area is ≥7.8MJ/m2;

b) The average heat loss factor of domestic solar water heaters is ≤85W/(m3·K).

Water quality


Solar energy is a non-polluting green renewable energy source that reduces the environmental pollution caused by conventional boilers and power generation. It is inexhaustible. In recent years, residential solar water heaters have developed rapidly, and solar water heating systems have also been promoted in terms of organic integration with buildings. 


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