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Commercial solar water heater installation guide you need

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The solar water heaters we usually use may be domestic solar water heaters. So many people may not know much about  commercial solar water heaters and how to install them. In fact, the development of entertainment industry and the wide application of solar water heaters. Some hotels, houses, bathing centers and even some enterprises are using commercial solar water heaters. So we need to know some experience of commercial solar water heaters. This article will guide you to install commercial solar water heaters.

You will know:

working principle

Installation guide



Working principle

The working principle of commercial solar water heater is to use selective absorption coating to absorb visible and near infrared solar radiation energy according to the wavelength distribution of solar radiation energy. Water is heated by solar radiation in the collector, and the temperature in the collector and water tank rises. Because of the difference of water temperature, the density difference is produced, and then natural convection is formed. The relatively high temperature water enters the solar thermal insulation tank continuously.

Installation guide

Installation method of heat preservation pipe: We know that in cold winter, it is not easy to arrange the solar water heater pipes into chilled water, which requires us to install heat preservation system on the solar water heater pipes. There are two ways in the market: one is plastic bandage, the other is aluminum foil, which has the longest service life and better effect. Pipeline layout principle, outdoor insulation pipe is the shortest, so the installation cost is relatively low, winter insulation effect is better. All pipes minimize the minimum, minimize the use of joints, and turn slowly. This not only saves the cost, but also saves the chance of leakage. Finally, when decorating solar water heaters, don't forget to leave a special hole in the water pipe and install the main valve.


Commercial solar water heaters require a large amount of hot water, but if the installation method of daily home use, that is, the series-parallel design method, is prone to some problems. For example, the temperature of the heated water cannot meet the requirements of the Western Region. In addition, there is a need to increase the way of auxiliary electric heating.


Some commercial aspects have adopted the installation method of traditional home solar water heaters in series and parallel. It is not unsatisfactory to use, or it is awkward, and has to be re-dismantled or replaced, which is costly and expensive. Therefore, if you want to install a solar water heater in a commercial place such as a hotel, you must design the installation. You can't simply take the form of home installation. Be careful not to use it.


1. The commercial solar water heater should be installed in a place without sunshade. The main body is facing the sun (about 10 degrees west or west) and fixed firmly to avoid hot water blowing in bad winds.


2. The order of assembly of the water heater body: first assemble the support frame, then install the insulation water tank, then install the vacuum heat collection tube, and finally install the diffuse reflection plate.


3. When installing the vacuum collector tube, the tail plate is inserted into the tail plate first, and then the outer wall of the vacuum collector tube is coated with lubricants such as detergent, and dust-proof ring is put on. Then the tube shaft and the hole of the vacuum tube of the tank are vacuum treated. Align the axes and slowly screw them into the tank, then carefully pull them back onto the tailstock. Attention should be paid to installing two vacuum heat collectors on the outermost side of the insulating barrel, adjusting the gap between the vacuum tube and the hole of the tank to make it uniform, and then installing the remaining vacuum tubes.


4. After the water heater body is assembled, the pipe installation can be performed. There are five holes on the cover on both sides of the insulated water tank. The installation method can be flexibly selected according to actual needs. However, no matter what installation method is adopted, the ventilator must be installed correctly. The upper and lower ventilation is carried out to avoid expansion due to poor ventilation. Or pumping the water tank.


5. It is forbidden to inject cold water suddenly after the vacuum collector tube is empty, so as to prevent the vacuum collector tube from bursting into cold water and bursting at high temperature. If it is installed under the scorching sun, use a sunshade to cover the shade or fill the vacuum collector tube with water. It is recommended that the water supply time be at night or when the temperature is not too high.


6.In order to ensure the normal use in cold winter, thermal insulation or emptying measures are adopted in water and sewage pipelines. Prevent the freezing cracking of pipeline and affect its use.


7. When laying out the pipeline, the appearance of the building should not be damaged, and the water and sewage should be fixed firmly with the building.


If you can read this article, you may know about the installation method of commercial solar water heater. For those who want to open a hotel, a homestay or may use a commercial solar water heater, maybe you can get some ideas and ideas from here.


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