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Characteristics of heat pipe solar collectors

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In the past two decades, due to the vigorous development of the world economy, the demand for energy in various industries has increased rapidly. Therefore, in order to alleviate the consumption of conventional energy such as oil, coal, natural gas and accelerate the development of renewable energy, the number of solar hot water projects is increasing. With the development of various new energy sources, domestic solar energy manufacturers are actively developing heat pipe solar collectors, so we invented heat pipe vacuum tube collectors. This article is a simple analysis of some characteristics of heat pipe solar collectors.


Here are some key points:

  • Main features

  • Advantages and disadvantages of each feature

  • Problems to be aware of during installation

  • Conclusion


Main features

Heat pipe solar collector has the following characteristics:

① High efficiency of heat collection

② High heat

③ High output temperature

④ Pressure-bearing operation

⑤ High structural strength

⑥ Hidden water leakage

⑦ Long service life

⑧ Easy to achieve integration with the building

Advantages and disadvantages of each feature


1.The heat pipe in the heat pipe solar collector transfers heat to the water in the collector pipe through a heat conducting block (sleeve) rigidly connected with the condensation section. The liquid working fluid in the heat pipe is not connected with the water in the catchment pipe, and has strong frost resistance. It is suitable for high-cold areas.

2. Start fast, in the cloudy and sunny low-radiation weather can still produce hot water;

3. Because the heat pipe in it has the performance of one-way heat transfer diode, the heat pipe does not work with the hot water storage tank to prevent night heating and overcast backflow.

4. Strong reliability, even if a single heat pipe is damaged, it will not cause the entire heat collecting system to fail;

5. It has good pressure-bearing performance, corrosion resistance and is not easy to scale.



Due to the limitation of the heat collecting component, the heat pipe solar collector also has certain disadvantages:

1.The connection form of single vacuum tube in it ' s requires high sealing technology of glass metal

2. The heat pipe is inserted into the all-glass vacuum tube, and the energy is repeated multiple times. The conversion affects the thermal efficiency;

3 . The heat pipe and the vacuum tube are double vacuum complicated structures, and the cost is high.


Problems to be aware of during installation

Because of the wide range of applications, heat pipe solar collector will be used in many locations. Below are some analysis of the issues that should be noted when installing in various locations.


1. Installed on a flat roof

① The heat pipe solar collectors should not be shielded from each other, keep enough space, arrange neatly and continuously.

② Roof design should fully consider the load added by the solar water heating system. The roof should be equipped with a bracket or base to make it anchored to the building.

③The embedded parts of the fixed heat pipe solar collectors should be connected with the structural layer of the building, the waterproof layer should be wrapped in the upper part of the support, and the anchor around the anchor should be strengthened.

④ The roof is provided with a manhole, preferably made into a roof.

⑤ When the pipe of it is pierced through the roof, the waterproof sleeve should be embedded in advance and the waterproof structure should be treated.


2. Installed on a slope roof

① Set up on the slope of Xiangyang's slope roof or set up overhead.

② The selection of the slope of the slope roof should be equal to the optimal angle of the it to receive sunlight, that is, the local latitude soil is 10 degrees.


3. Installed on the exterior wall

① The heat pipe solar collector is set on the wall surface, and special attention should be paid to the design of the building. Under the premise of ensuring the function of the building, the position, the ratio of the wall surface, the color of the decorative material, the division, etc. should be arranged as much as possible to form Organic combination.

② Fully consider the load of the solar collector.

③ It is not easy to install solar collectors on the wall. If it is installed, structural columns or beams must be added.

④ When it  placed on the wall at low latitudes should have a certain amount of foot.

⑤ Pipes must be provided with waterproof casings.

⑥ Provide safe and convenient conditions for the installation and maintenance of heat pipe solar collectors. At the same time, protective facilities should be provided to prevent the personnel from falling off due to the collector components.



The heat pipe solar collectors has replaced other types of solar collector products with its excellent structural performance and safe and reliable operation mode, and has gradually become the mainstream of the solar water heater market. Compared with foreign advanced products, there are still performance differences and quality shortages in heat pipe solar collectors developed and industrialized in China. As one of the core problems studied in solar thermal systems, solar collectors have achieved fruitful results, but due to the complex heat transfer mechanism of collectors, collector materials and imperfect production processes, Further research and analysis of the collector is needed to improve its heat transfer efficiency. If you have any questions during the purchase process, please ask us about in time. We are glad to answer for you.


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