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Application of vacuum tube solar water heater

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Vacuum tube solar water heaters are also industries that rely on solar energy development. It provides the public with new water heaters that are environmentally friendly, energy efficient, safe and hygienic. It provides energy-saving equipment that provides cold water for people's daily lives and production, and it is also used in many places.

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component of it


How does a vacuum tube solar water heater work?

application of it



Component of it


l  Vacuum tube (ET): absorbs solar energy and converts it into usable heat. Vacuum insulation between the two glass layers prevents heat loss. The heat transfer fins help transfer heat to the heat pipe.


l  Heat Pipe (HP): A copper vacuum tube transfers heat from the ET to the manifold.


l  Ever-changing: Insulation box with copper tube. The head is a pair of corrugated copper tubes with dry connection sockets into which the heat pipes are inserted.


l  Mounting frame: sturdy and easy to install




The combination of a highly efficient absorbing coating and vacuum insulation means that the coating can exceed 200 oC / 392 oF and the outer glass can be cold contacted. Under strong sunlight, each vacuum tube can provide more than 60W/204 Btu of hot water output.


How does a vacuum tube solar water heater work?


Absorption → microcirculation → insulation tank → control system → family

The vacuum tube solar water heater uses a thermionic vacuum tube collector to absorb heat and achieve maximum exchange from light to heat. The nearest water is then transported through the microcirculation to the insulated water tank and finally delivered to the user via a dedicated pipe. The system mechanically manages the water through the control valve and controller to deliver water to the tank. In cloudy, rainy and snowy weather, the auxiliary electric booster installed in the tank can be used mechanically, thus saving 90% of energy.


Application of it


In winter, ETSCs are more useful than other solar collectors. ETCs can be used for heating and cooling in the pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, paper, leather, textile and other industries, as well as in residential, hospital, nursing homes, hotels, swimming pools and other industries.


A, etc. can operate solar hot water, swimming pools, air conditioners and solar cookers in the medium to high temperature range.


The high operating temperature range of ETCs (up to 200 ° C (392 ° F) makes it suitable for industrial applications such as steam generation, heat engine and solar drying.




Solar water heaters can be divided into all-glass vacuum tube type, heat tube vacuum tube type and U-tube tube vacuum tube type, and the most commonly used is all-glass vacuum tube type. The solar water heater system is fully automatic and static operation, no special maintenance, no noise, no pollution, no leakage, fire, poisoning and so on. Safe and reliable, environmentally friendly and energy-saving, is beneficial to the country and the people. Good insulation performance and strong anti-freezing ability.


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