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Application of Heat Pipe Solar Collector

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    Application of Heat Pipe Solar Collector 

      Solar water heating system is widely used in our daily life nowadays.

      The advantages of heat pipe solar water heater.This solar collector is with simple structure. It is more efficient than other solar collectors in producing hot water. Vacuum tubes are can be arranged crowded together which can enlarge the absorption area, decrease cost and improve efficiency. The heating rate is similar to electric water heater. What;s more, this solar collector is easy to install. The whole system can be combined with the roof, which is very artistic and safe.

      Economic analysis of solar collector:

      The mature of technology and wide use of solar thermal application is not only in domestic but also in medium low temperature areas.

      The heat utilization of this solar collector system plays a great role in energy conservation and emission reduction in agricultural industry. With the more and more significant status of renewable resource in global energy structure, the solar energy takes an year-after-year improvement of ratio in terminal energy consumption. Also the solar thermal industry has great potential and wide development space in agricultural field. The development of solar thermal application will make a great contribution to the world energy conservation and emissions reduction, coal substitute and adjustment of structure of using energy.

   Our company ----Jiangsu Sunpower Solar Technology Co., LTD will respond the call for Energy conservation and emission reduction. We have donated our solar water heaters to the local gym, Changzhou Deaf-mutes School, local Charity and some other institutions. We are answering the call by our action. We also know there is a long way to go.




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