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Analysis of a flat plate solar collector

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China has the world's largest solar collector production capacity and is the world's largest application market for flat plate solar collectors. At present, with the rising world energy prices and the increasing awareness of environmental protection around the world, in the face of severe energy conservation and emission reduction, China attaches great importance to the development and utilization of renewable energy. Solar energy technologies and products are constantly improving. It will also continue to maintain a momentum of rapid growth. The flat plate solar collector has received increasing attention due to its different advantages.

Analysis as follows:
1.Economic analysis

2.Theoratical analysis

3.Exergy analysis


Economic analysis

Solar collectors can bring a lot of economic benefits in terms of economy. Solar energy has many advantages:


First, the solar energy is inexhaustible, and it is inexhaustible, and it can be used anywhere without receiving any fees.


Second, under the current level of technological development, some solar energy utilization has been economical. For example, the flat plate solar collector has a high input once, but its use process does not require input, and coal-fired boilers, gas boilers, electric boilers, etc. are in use. It still costs money. The results of the research show that the flat plate solar collector is very competitive. With the development of technology and technological breakthroughs in human development and utilization of solar energy, the economics of solar energy utilization will be more obvious.


The development of solar energy is not complete, but the economic benefits it brings us should be far more than these.


Theoratical analysis

Solar energy savings are comparable to conventional practices:

Set a solar water heating system and heat 10T 20°C cold water to 60 °C

1. The heat required to heat 10T water from 20 °C to 60 °C is:

                       Q=40×10000=400,000 kcal=1673.64MJ

2. The amount of various energy sources that generate 400,000 kcal of heat:

       a, light diesel: 400,000 ÷ 10200 ÷ 0.85 = 46.14kg;

       b, natural gas: 400000÷9000÷0.75=59.26m3

       c. Pipeline gas: 400000÷3800÷0.7=150.38m3

       d, electricity: 400000÷860÷0.95=489.6kwh (degrees)


Exergy analysis

Exergy balance equation and fire efficiency:

Ein--heat absorption

Eef - effective heat recovery

  • Natural circulation hot water system fire balance equation

    E in=e1                               

    E ef=E1-E2-E3-E4-E5    

  • Forced circulation hot water system fire balance equation

    E in=E1*EP              

    E ef=E in-E2-E3-E4-E5        

  • DC hot water system fire balance equation

    E in=E1                          

    E ef=E in-E2-E3-E4-E5            

  • Exergy efficiency calculation





Through the above analysis of economic, theoretical and exergy, it can be seen that the use of solar energy is relatively low, and the prices of various energy sources are constantly increasing. From the perspective of economic efficiency, solar energy is undoubtedly the best solution and the most A suitable investment. From the perspective of theory or fire, the flat plate solar collector is highly efficient, the energy consumption is low, and the technology is constantly evolving. The application of the flat plate solar collector will become more and more extensive.




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