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Advice on Flat Plate Solar Collector

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Nowadays, many people are beginning to use flat plate solar collectors with good heat collecting effect and fast heat collecting speed. As the saying goes, there is no perfect thing in the world. Especially with the increase of people's use time limit, there will always be people who find dissatisfaction in the process, and make suggestions for the performance, quality or appearance of flat plate solar collectors. This article summarizes these recommendations in the hope that the development of flat plate solar collectors will be more perfect and cater to the needs of more people.

This article will be divided into these three categories to make recommendations to draw conclusions:

1.Improve its thermal performance

2.Improve its durability and reliability

3.Improve appearance and quality


1.Improve its thermal performance

1) Better improve and improve the processing technology of the heat absorbing plate, reduce the combined thermal resistance between the tube and the board or between different materials to a negligible level to improve the efficiency factor of the collector

2) Pay attention to the optimal design of the heat absorbing plate of the collector, and comprehensively consider the influence of factors such as material, thickness, pipe diameter, pipe network distance and pipe-to-board connection on the thermal performance to improve the fin efficiency of the heat absorbing plate (heat absorption efficiency). ).

3) Research and development of selective absorption coatings for flat plate solar collectors, should have high solar absorption ratio, low emission book, strong weather resistance, and minimize the radiation heat transfer loss of the heat absorption plate.

4) Pay attention to the optimal design of the distance between the transparent cover plate and the heat absorbing plate of the flat solar energy in the solar water heating project, ensure the rigor of the processing and assembly of the collector frame, and minimize the convective heat transfer loss of the air in the collector. 

5) The thermal insulation material with low thermal conductivity is selected as the thermal insulation layer on the bottom and side of the collector to ensure sufficient thickness to minimize the conduction heat transfer loss of the collector.

6) As far as possible, the cover glass with high solar transmittance is used. When the condition is hot, the glass industry is combined to produce low-iron flat glass suitable for flat plate solar collectors.

7) Research and develop anti-reflective coatings for flat plate solar collectors to maximize the solar transmittance of the transparent cover.

2.Improve its durability and reliability

1) Improve the processing quality of the heat absorbing plate, and ensure that the heat collector can withstand the tests of pressure, boring, internal water and heat shock.

2) Improve the material quality, processing quality and assembly quality of the collector parts, and ensure that the collector can withstand the tests of rain, air drying, strength, stiffness, external showering and thermal shock.

3) Tempered glass is used as the transparent cover. Ensure that the collector can withstand the test of the hail proof (impact resistance) test.

3.Improve appearance and quality

1) Choose high-quality materials and processes for various components such as heat absorbing panels, coatings, transparent panels, insulation, and enclosures.

2) Use simple and simple colors without affecting the function of the flat plate solar collectors.


Shakespeare once said that "a thousand viewers have a thousand Hamlet." There will always be people who feel inappropriate and not good enough, but some people will see these advances. As long as you continue to listen to suggestions and earn enough experience, you can adapt the flat plate solar collectors to a wider audience and satisfy users with this product.


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