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Advantages of residential solar water heater

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Solar energy is a huge energy that people can use in nature. The growth of all life on Earth is related to solar radiation. In recent years, many countries are exploring effective ways to use solar energy. With more and more solar water heaters being invented and widely used, the performance of residential solar water heaters has attracted more and more attention. This paper briefly analyses the advantages of residential solar water heater compared with other water heaters, and the heat transfer efficiency between residential solar water heater and the sun, atmosphere and environment.


The analysis is as follows:

* What is a residential solar water heater

* Residential solar water heater advantages

* Efficiency of residential solar water heater


What is a household solar water heater?

Residential solar water heater is a device that uses sunlight to heat water temperature. Solar water heaters are divided into vacuum tubular solar water heaters and flat solar water heaters. Vacuum tubular solar water heaters occupy 95% of the domestic market share. Vacuum tubular household solar water heater is composed of collector, water storage tank and bracket and other related parts. The conversion of solar energy into heat energy mainly depends on vacuum heat collector. The principle of floating, cooling and sinking under water in hot water is used to make water produce microcirculation and achieve the required hot water.


Benefits of household solar water heater

1. Energy saving.

Water and electricity are part of the household living expenses, but the practical solar water heater can save more than 90% of the cost of electricity and electricity, which is very economical. In terms of social significance, it reduces the development of other non-renewable energy sources and plays a positive role.


2. Environmental protection.

According to the calculation, every household solar water heater will reduce carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, dust, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen and hydrogen emissions to the atmosphere due to coal combustion during the basic 15 years of use. Of course, this includes not a small number, but hundreds of tons of pollution sources, so the environmental pollution can be reduced to a certain extent.


3. Safety.

There is no potential danger of poisoning and electric shock when using solar energy. It is safe and reliable. If gas water heater or electric water heater is used, the risk of poisoning or electric shock may occur, and the number of users increases, the number of injuries or deaths is also increasing.


Efficiency of Household solar water heater

The utility radiation heat of solar water heater consists of solar radiation heat absorption, sky radiation heat absorption, heat loss and surface radiation heat loss. 


1. The inclination angle of the vacuum tube directly affects the effective receiving of solar radiation and the natural convection of cold and hot water between the tubes and boxes, thus affecting the thermal efficiency of the solar water heater, which is directly related to the local latitude and declination angle.


2. Reflector plate can effectively improve the thermal efficiency of water heater.


3. Thermal insulation layer also has certain influence on daytime heat collection efficiency and night heat preservation effect.


Therefore, the installation of household solar water heater should be included in the design scope in the construction process of residential quarters. The developers entrust the relevant units to design, install and accept the solar water heater uniformly, and the pipelines are in place once, which can better solve the hidden dangers of safety, use and beauty left by the customers' own installation of solar energy to the buildings. Moreover, the economic benefit of solar heating in 15 years is much higher than that of other energy sources. It is estimated that the average annual household energy saving is about 860 kW.h. It not only reduces environmental pollution, but also improves the safety of hot water supply. Social and economic benefits are very obvious. I hope this article can increase your understanding of residential solar water heater. In the process of choosing and purchasing residential solar water heaters, if you have any doubts, please consult us.


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