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welding technology of gas water heater tank and solar water heater tank

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Gas water heater water tank welding technology

The gas water heater is composed of a casing, a heat exchanger system, a gas system, a waterway system, a smoke exhaust system, and a safety automatic control system. The heat exchanger (commonly known as the water tank) is mainly composed of a combustion chamber and a heat exchanger. The main function is to provide the water heater gas burning space is the core component of the water heater, the main function is to pass the heat released by the water heater gas combustion through the heat exchange process, the cold water flowing in the heat exchanger is heated to the temperature required by the user. The heat exchanger (water tank) is usually made of aluminum alloy or pure copper. The heat exchanger (water tank) made of aluminum alloy is generally welded by continuous brazing technology; the heat exchanger (water tank) made of pure copper is generally made of copper. Immersion tin-lead technology for welding.

 Solar water heater tank welding technology

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