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  • 01-24
    Design of solar heating system in typical village and town house in cold area

    The effective utilization of solar energy in villages and towns is closely related to the climatic zone and the architectural form. In this paper, the index of solar energy resources division (solar radiation 4200 ~ 5400MJ / (m2 · a), is a typical cold and climatic area of Shenyang City, under the Read More »

  • 11-04
    The future of solar water heater

    Solar water heater system is not only the domestic appliance. It will develop more great in the near future for it is transfering to a more efficient, widely used in industrial area.This solar water heater is not limited in demestical industry,but it will lead to a wide future in mutilcenturial deve Read More »

  • 07-06
    Why Italian not keen on economic transition?

    Milan Expo will be held in Italy, which will add another a glorious Italian. In Europe, Italy's economy ranked outside the top three, but the Italian brand reputation is not low. When the European economy into a quagmire, when the Second World War vanquished Italy but did not as recession anxiety, Read More »

  • 07-15
    Kaise Properties

    Kaisa , established in 1999, is originated from Hong Kong and is a large comprehensive real estate company with powerful strengths. its real estate business involves the development and operation of large residential properties and comprehensive commercial properties. The headquarter is located in Read More »

  • 06-15
    Vanke Properties

    China Vanke co., LTD, founded in May 1984, is currently the largest professional housing development enterprise in China. Vanke entered into the real estate industry in 1988. Five years later, it eatablished the public housing development as the company's core business. By the end of 2009, its bu Read More »

  • 06-05
    Longfor Properties

    Longfor Properties ,founded in 1994, was headquartered in Beijing. It has more than 4,000 staff members at present. Its business includes three areas: real estate development, business operation and property service. In November 19, 2009, it was listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange main board. A Read More »



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