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Improved strategy for Sunpower solar water heaters

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This paper explores some of the shortcomings of Sunpower solar water heaters and their improved methods and steps to fundamentally address the problem of wasted water. After a series of improvements, the improved Sunpower solar water heater has the outstanding advantage that in the cold north, there is no need to worry about the hot water flowing out of the water pipe.


Sunpower solar water heaters

Because of its environmental protection, energy saving, and simple operation, Sunpower solar water heaters have entered thousands of households and have been recognized by the public. However, the problem that people often encounter is to open the water pipe, and the first thing that flows out is cold water. Although the traditional solar water heater overcomes the energy consumption of the electric water heater and the gas water heater, it can release the hot water after releasing the preheated cold water for about 3 minutes. Therefore, the solar water heater water supply pipe has a large amount of preheated cold water that cannot be Take advantage of. According to preliminary estimates, about 25 liters of preheated cold water is wasted per person per day. Water is the source of life, energy saving and emission reduction, starting from water saving. This problem can be overcome if the water supply pipeline is properly modified.

As long as you are willing to move your mind, there must be a way. The principle is actually very simple, as long as a valve is installed in the water outlet of the solar water heater incubator, the valve can be controlled indoors. Press the switch, the valve is turned on, the hot water flows out, the switch is pressed again, the valve is closed, the hot water is cut off, and the remaining water in the water pipe is completely discharged (so that the next time when water is used, there is no need to wait for the first cold water to flow out) .

The specific operation is also relatively simple, as follows:

1. Make the changes at the outlet of the incubator. The outlet is made into a rounded table with a light and heavy sealing ball.

Usually, by the action of gravity, the sealing ball is pressed against the water outlet to block the hot water. When hot water is needed, lift the sealing ball. After the water is used, let the sealing ball fall naturally and close the water flow.

2. After the water is used, after the sealing ball closes the water flow, the residual water in the water pipe does not flow out actively because the pressure in the water pipe is less than the pressure at the water head.

Therefore, the construction of the sealing ball should be further improved. a hole is opened in the vertical diameter direction on the sealing ball, and a pipe whose upper end protrudes from the incubator and whose lower end is flush with the sealing ball can be referred to as an emptying pipe. Its function is as follows: When the sealing ball falls, the tube provides atmospheric pressure to ensure that all the remaining water in the water pipe flows out to form an empty pipe.

3. Further improve the device, install a blocking core controlled by a lightweight spring at the lower end of the emptying pipe.

The main purpose is to prevent water from escaping from the venting tube when water is added to the solar water heater. Usually, the plugging block blocks the emptying pipe. Only after the water is used, in order to drain the residual water in the water pipe, the plugging core will be opened under the action of the internal and external pressure difference, and then automatically closed under the action of the spring after emptying.

4. The sealing ball is controlled indoors, and the sealing ball is connected to a waterproof electric device fixed at the bottom of the solar thermal incubator.

The wire is led out of the vent hole into the room, and connected to the power supply after being connected to an ordinary power switch. In this way, the switch is turned on, energized, the electric device lifts the sealing ball, the hot water flows out, the switch is turned off, the power is turned off, and the sealing ball falls under the action of gravity to block the hot water.

Through the above improvements, manufacturers can bring great convenience to everyone with less than 100 yuan in cost. More importantly, they can save tens of thousands of tons of water every day. Another advantage of this improvement is that in the cold north, there is no longer any need to worry about the hot water flowing out of the water pipe. Therefore, this solar water heater can be named as "antifreeze water-saving instant solar water heater".

After the improvement, the advantages are obvious, and the disadvantages are also present. One is the safety issue of leakage prevention, and the other is the problem of using electricity. In fact, everyone has seen the circlip drain valve in the washbasin. Press once to close the drain valve and press again to open the drain valve. We can move this drain valve into the solar water heater to act as a water outlet valve. The indoor control switch has to be changed to a touch-sensitive type. When pressed, the current is turned on, and when the hand is released, the current is cut off. In this way, the indoor switch can be pressed once, the electric device is controlled to press the water outlet valve once, and the hot water is discharged. After the water is completed, the indoor switch is pressed again, and the electric device can be controlled to press the water outlet valve again to block the hot water and use the emptying. The pipe drains the remaining water from the water pipe. This improvement is both safe and power efficient.

Think further, what should I do when there is a power outage?

Method 1:

The electric device is powered by the dry battery, or it is usually powered by the mains. When the power is off, it is powered by the dry battery.

Method 2:

To change the electric device to a mechanical device. This is not difficult to achieve. Combine the circlip type drain valve with the bicycle brake line. For example, pinch the “brake brake” indoors, drive it by the brake line, open the drain valve, and the hot water flows out; pinch the “brake brake” again, close it. Water flow. The biggest advantage of this method is energy saving, and the disadvantage is that the installation is more complicated.

In the cold north, in the winter, if you want to heat the cold water in the incubator, it usually takes 2-3 days, even in sunny weather. Can you think of ways to shorten this time? Just add a reflector on the back of the heating tube to achieve twice the result with half the effort. Of course, this requires a certain increase in cost, but compared with the eagerness to use hot water, this silver user is still willing to marry. It should be noted that in the winter in the north, the wind is roaring, the reflector is installed, the resistance is increased, and the fixed work of solar energy is doubled.


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